Irina Bergo “Heaven has come down to Earth”

Some time ago I’ve been proposed an interview for a provincial russian newspaper. I accepted and we did the interview via e-mail. Now I publish here the content of this interview, without modifications and including the editorial staff’s note and the mini-headers inserted by the journalist in order to separate the subjects.

Famous psychic Irina Bergo is certain that we are going through an era of global changes and that not only our health and happiness but, in fact, the future of the entire planet depend on how we enter into the altered picture of the world…

Our note:

The world knows Irina Bergo as a clairvoyant and healer, but she modestly calls herself an informational medium. Some of our readers know about her web-site “Irinushka” which got its second wind this year, her three books published in electronic form and also numerous published articles. Thanks to knowledge and advice from Irinushka many people have gained the possibility of a real revival because they started to look on life and their place in the world differently.

To interpret the new reality Irina had to involve a new way of using language. At first, Irinushka’s responses may appear somewhat incomprehensible to the reader. However at times it is enough just to read carefully in order to perceive, without dictionaries and translators, this unusual way to express thoughts and also to «taste» the new reality which has come to Earth.

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Is it just a lake… ?

Lake Lillet – Gran Paradiso

By now we all know that the proverb “A picture is worth a thousand words” is gaining shades and meanings that go way beyond the initial intentions of the man who first pronounced it…

Therefore it’s not that strange that the only way I found to REALLY transmit to all of you (in fact, to all of US!), friends of the site and of the forum, my best wishes of a Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2009 Year full of magic, “discoveries” and unforgettable events is this image…

… A quite powerful image, in my opinion!  😉

Click on it to enlarge it, inhale it and…


For those willing to know where that lake is… CLICK HERE or on the picture’s legend!

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“Shine, shine, my star…”

When I saw this wonderful picture shot by Massimo a few days ago from one of the windows of our house, the impact was so strong that I couldn’t resist the impulse of building around it an adequate verbal frame drawing, to this purpose, from my current state of thinking-feeling.

What’s happening on the Earth?

It happens that the spectrum of the Stellar Rainbow (that I sometimes call Majesty, or Mega-Presence, or the Heavens Ambassador’s Wave or with still other names that I have to invent each time in order to say what I feel I have to say, but without damaging his balance) is bursting into our human existence, ready to live in it, to take his honorary residence on our physical plane and to become an integral part of our modus vivendi and of our modus operandi.

It’s a really huge force with unlimited power that is now literally bursting with its quivering impatience of flowing out, of “going out among the people”, of nourishing and rebuilding the energetic landscape of our world with its magical essence.

This force now doesn’t restrict itself to simply letting us know of its existence, but shakes and urges and fills our current vibrational space. It stimulates and tempts us with its stellar call that every passing day becomes louder and louder for our human ears: “Do you, old reality of the Earth, want to take me as your legitimate sponsor and co-author of all the wonderful things that will transform you into a “paradise on earth”? Tell me yes, please, tell me yes!”

Nevertheless, the answer “Yes, I will!” can only be given individually.

At the base of this huge planetary transformation and of the radical change of our existential culture there is the individual approach due to the freedom of choice granted by definition to every living individual.

Therefore it’s up to us defining, with our ondular thinking-feeling, the level and spectrum of intimacy inside our existential volume that we want and are ready to have with the Majesty.

We must decide the terms of closeness that we are ready to grant to the Majesty in such a way to be able to see it “with the naked eye”, perceiving it as our subjective and objective “living partner”, the partner to rely on, the partner to stimulate and excite, the partner with whom to dance the dance of the new order of things, of the new awareness, of the new and right “happening”.

At this point the discussion stops being abstract and directly moves to the practical plane.

How should I attract the Majesty towards me?

How, by means of which existential categories, should I introduce myself to the Majesty?

What can I (if I can) offer to the Majesty of so special and unique to stimulate Him to come closer to me, to take interest in me, to desire “staying with me”, moving at the unison with me, joining our two energetic transmissivities?

In which way can I transform the theoretically possible condition of living my existence as a kind of pas-de-deux with the Majesty into a really happening condition?

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Riding the waves… (third part)

First of all a special thank to Mirella, the author of the picture above and a very close spiritual friend, for allowing me to use it in this context where it belongs so well!

The question left unanswered is: how do I in practice notice what is happening?

In order to be aware of what is happening, it’s not necessary to visit web sites speaking of the advent of the new reality or attend learning courses for “Light Operators” and the like. On the contrary, these and other opportunities and educational initiatives may provide a precious support to those already on their way, but cannot be the source of personal illumination.

And then, how can a “normal person” not even gifted with some extra sensorial perceptions catch the breathing of the new reality and follow its call?

Simply by taking his immediate surrounding reality as a starting point: starting from many small things, from apparently banal excitations and impulses that he meets every day and that, if he only looks at them with more attention and more open-mindedly, become his guide and Master for the exploration of the new reality.

Inside us is awakening a new sense – “the sense of ourselves right and correct” – that is based on the dynamic recalculation of our needs and possibilities inside our specific local system of coordinates and is fed by our energetic transmissivity nature.

This local sense of rightness and correctness could be defined as our personalized sense of measure of things. As if, while being busy with our daily things, we could at any moment extract this gauge, apply it to this or that practical frame and feel inside if the frame is all right for us, if it sounds good or not.

For example, we could feel if our current participation into a specific situation is right or wrong, if something is missing or in excess, if a certain phase could be accelerated or slowed down or even inverted or – why not? – simply skipped.

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Riding the waves… (second part)

Speaking about how to create our complex existential site, just as a concrete example of these “accidental” means that can guide our individual self-learning process, I would like to submit to your attention a great Secret.

The “Secret” film, as explained by both the movie producers and the writer of the book the movie is based upon, exists from a very long time. But now this basic principle – The Law of Attraction, this undoubtedly correct, but generally scarcely utilized, receipt for a right and harmonic existence – starts to be applied at a completely different level and under conditions that are quite different from the past.

It is not anymore a technique that helps creating a kind of individual, made to measure oasis in the middle of a desert of incomprehension, contradiction and global uneasiness, but is an approach that makes us natural participants of the whole, thanks to the powerful embrace between the wave of our “thinking-feeling” and the Whole.

The “Secret” becomes the instrument for observing, under a very strong light, the appearance of many things up to now hidden in the shadows: our real capabilities and inclinations, the reasons behind our presence here, our specific ways of communicating with the Whole.

The “Secret” becomes the instrument for finding out and engraving our personalized interface to the new reality’s infrastructure and to the new existential operating system, both particularly in favour of the “thinking man”.

The new existential operating system, now that is becoming more and more clearly the dominant factor of the ether of the Earth, keeps transmitting unceasingly to “everybody listening” a message of this kind:

“I, the New Order of things, the New Operating System, am here, I already exist and I want to know who you are. Tell me your name using, to introduce yourself to me, the language of the Whole, the only one I can understand. And tell me what your desires are, because “your desires are commands” for me – and it’s really for this, to study and fulfill them, that I’ve been created Up There and subsequently I have been carried down here, into the space of your physical plane”.

The question is that now we should focus not on tangible and separated desires, but rather on our profile, our ideal existential frame, our optimal way to “be” and “happen”. We should focus on our “capacity”, our “happiness carrier”, our wave that we must use to surf the physical plane’s space, attracting to us and naturally and spontaneously inserting in our life flow the various Creation’s fragments that match our specific wave nature and that are sensitive to its call.

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Riding the waves… (first part)

Hello everybody!

Since the publication of my last article, magic and extraordinary things have kept happening on our planet: the problem is that we keep not seeing with clarity these magical and extraordinary things because our perceptive system is still not tuned and adjusted well enough.

Some months ago the idea of abandoning the unique “Russian track” as the only way to move through the space of the new reality – that reality that by now is felt on a daily basis by our body and our thoughts, under our feet and above our heads – became more and more pressing.

The idea was that of involving also the energetic characteristics and the wave nature of other languages into the process of accompanying, reflecting and “recalculating” this movement. The objective was that of arranging a wider, more redundant and more synergistic monitoring system, for now exploiting in particular the Italian and English ways of vibrating and “happening”.

The structural reorganization of the site to accomplish this transition from one language to several languages has taken a fairly long time, in a way illustrating our not always coherent and linear progress from our archaic and compressed existential states toward more evolved, complete, expanded, multidimensional and “multivolume” states.

Towards those states where the energetic curvatures of our “thinking-feeling” and our gift of the word become a kind of personalized keyboard, unique and made to measure, with a specific set of keys, characters and symbols that we can use to learn the art of generating and applying our ideal conditions of interaction with the external world.

This migration from the condition of “under-manifested” persons to that of “fully-manifested” persons, i.e. with a true sense of himself expanded and manifested in all of its greatness, is already fully under course, even though everyone has his own specific navigation plan to reach the Whole.

Currently, with increasing strength, the “ether” encourages every kind of interaction and exchange among these specific navigation plans, it urges them to share their fragmentary discoveries and intuitions, in such a way to create a kind of “distribution of the wave work”, a complementarity, a “warm embrace of solidarity” among different conditions of correct “thinking-feeling”. And this despite the fact that, or exactly because, each one of these conditions is still under development and doesn’t precisely know how to focus itself in the external world.

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Ego: bad or good?

Slava’s reply to my preceding article on the offences (then followed by other posts all revolving around similar problems) has triggered a course of thoughts on the “ego” that I immediately saw as being too long to condense into a forum answer, so I decided to try writing some considerations on the argument and post them as another blog entry.

I think that the question of the ego is really a key issue in the approach not only to this problem, but to many others and in this transition between the old and the new reality.

There are many concepts and questions that meet, combine and interact and often the boundary between what is “real” and what is an “illusion” or a “make-believe” is very thin and not stable at all…

So it’s quite difficult to provide a kind of “understandable” synthesis, but I will try to explain how I see the question.

First of all, when we say “ego” are we talking of the term used by psychologists or of the essence of our human nature?

The difference is huge, in a psychological sense the ego is, in practice, the expression of the approach of the person to the world: a man with a disproportionate ego will tend to try imposing himself all the time, will have little or no respect for the others, their opinions and will. Vice-versa a shy and well-mannered man will be suspected of having a small ego or at least of being able to control very well his ego. In a quarrel, we say that we are carried away by our ego… etc. etc.

In this interpretation the ego is something that we should control and educate or, in the opposite case, cultivate and feed to make it stronger or “better looking”. Something not too different from our body that can be trained and exercised in order to put it in shape it or to win a cross-country race…
And so all the psychological techniques for human interaction have been created, mainly based on the concepts of “damage limitation” and of reaching a kind of statistically defined more or less average “level of intensity” and “quality” that is more or less socially acceptable.

So the question of dealing with the ego is that of either limiting the damages that a too strong ego can inflict to the others and to the interaction or those self-inflicted or inflicted by others in the case of a too weak ego (with, as usual, all the range of intermediate cases). In any case, everything is based on the assumption that there are standard “right and desirable” ways of approaching any situation and that the only problem is that of clarifying to the erring ego what these ways are and helping it to accept and adapt to them, usually by means of standard exercises or, if necessary, of drugs affecting the underlying chemical processes.

This way that I cannot avoid from defining quite superficial causes many distortions. For example, since sometimes talented persons who actually impose themselves thanks to their abilities and genius are ill-mannered and unrespectful (and sometime we could discuss about their reasons for doing so), then some not-talented-at-all persons misbehave and show a great lack of respect for the others pretending to demonstrate their value in that way. One of the biggest misunderstandings on this subject is that of those guys believing that the “size and quality” of their ego is proportional to the amount of violence that they can impose on the others while keeping to get away with it. Other “funny misunderstandings” are those related to the identification of the ego with the economic status of the bearer, or with his social condition, or with his fame on the media… OK, these will probably look like almost banal and certainly well known questions, but they are deriving from the simplified view described above and actually shared by the vast majority of persons.

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Who offends who?

The question of the offences, of what is an offence and what is not, of when someone should be offended and when someone shouldn’t, looks to me, as many other questions, quite complex and with different levels of abstraction and interpretation.

And, as often happens, an interpretation and an answer that is correct at one level is overturned at another level.

Also, it very much depends on the environment, the situation, the amount and type of people involved…

To make it short (or at least shorter… 🙂 ), I would like to define two main levels of discussion: one that I would call a “human” level and another that could be briefly defined as spiritual or superior.
In this, I want to comment at the “human” level, purposely ignoring (at least for now) the spiritual level, the “new reality” and so on. And in particular I will take as a reference the offences in forums and involving persons with a fairly high level of education (which are those usually contributing and participating to forums, especially to the spiritual ones 🙂 ). For other environments and situations, in my opinion many things are similar, probably it’s mostly a question of shifting weights and accents here and there…

What in essence an offence is?

An offence is a kind of definition of reality. It’s usually a very synthetic one 🙂 , and a metaphorical one too, but behind it there is a “view” of what reality is according to the offender. It’s true that the offence is an emotional response, but it’s also undeniable that it is triggered by one or more rational (conscious or not) reasons and reasoning.

The offender provides his own vision of reality (usually concerning a very circumscribed piece of reality), a reality that may refer to the personal characteristics, interests or behavior of the “offended”. In passing, even if the offence’s reference reality can be very limited and the offence very synthetic, the “view” behind it may nevertheless be quite articulated and not so banal or commonplace (or, on the other hand, a fairly elaborate and even “smart” offence can be backed by a totally absent or very trivial “view”): I mean, the same “offensive” words can have totally different meanings and “weights” and this, in my opinion, makes it impossible (if “truth and correctness” are the final goals) having a simplified approach like the one stating: no offences are permitted, all offenders will be banned, no exceptions. (There are also other reasons belonging to the realm of the superior and spiritual world that make simply banning who offends a not very advanced solution, but I think Irinushka is already discussing these issues, so for the moment I will ignore them).

The offended gets offended because he does not share that definition or “view” of reality, he doesn’t agree with the offender’s view on the question and/or on himself. And it is this disagreement that causes both the offence and the fact of getting offended.

What is a big advantage of the offences, from both the offender’s and the offended’s point of view (apart the question of being synthetic, i.e. quick)? That they are a great simplification and simplifying (unifying, standardizing) things is one of the most appreciated activities by human beings.

The offence tends to simplify things very much: the offender doesn’t need to justify himself or to provide a complex description of his reasons (a description that perhaps he isn’t even aware of) and on the other hand also the offended doesn’t need to justify himself or to truly examine his conscience or simply his point of view and approach, doesn’t need to accept the idea of being potentially wrong, he simply needs to take offence. And then the “discussion” becomes much simpler, it’s a fight, almost a game, the “winner” will be the stronger one, or the best offender, or the one who shouts louder or the one who is a better “actor” in taking offence…

Everything will be simpler, less tiring, quicker and even more “satisfactory”, but unfortunately the “view” or “reasons” behind the offence will totally disappear and become absolutely unimportant, nobody will have learnt anything. I’m not saying that it is always possible to transform any fight in an occasion for learning and improving and growing up, but it’s undeniable that the simplification allowed by an offence (I repeat, both for the offender and for the one who decides to feel offended) has a cost. And this cost is mostly paid by the person whose “view” is further away from “truth and correctness”, and this could be either the offender or the offended.

Therefore, in my opinion, the most important thing when considering an offence should be that of determining since the very beginning “who is right” and the “amount of his correctness”.
This leads to two consequences: on the one hand I think that the first reaction of the offended person or of the participants or witnesses in the fight should be that of enquiring about the “view” that is behind the offence and the opposite one that stays behind the offended so to better determine “who is right”.

This can be done taking into consideration the offender’s whole message or even by asking question and details, asking the offender to better specify his point of view. By the way, usually, in the case of forums and newsgroups, the offence is the final point, rather than the initial one. Usually, either the “offender” starts offending in response to something that he considers to be so much in contrast with is “view” that he cannot restrain himself or after having unsuccessfully tried to explain his point of view to someone who keeps “not understanding”.

The second consequence of the approach of researching “who is right”, is that this consideration can actually overturn roles, the so-called offender becomes the one who is actually being offended and the so-called offended becomes the offender.

Let’s imagine that someone who is perfectly detached, not involved in the fight between the “offender” and the “offended” and with a great clarity of mind and understanding is called to examine the question of the offence.

As I said before, the first issue to resolve is that of determining “who is right”. This clearly can open up a huge space for endless discussions in the “human world”, but as I said, let’s imagine an ideal situation in which the judge can see the “truth”.

This leads to two cases:

First case: the offender is “wrong”. This case is simple, the simplified view that wants offenders to be eliminated and the wider perspective view that pursues truth and correctness perfectly agree on the culprit and it’s just a question of deciding the course of actions. But also in this simple case, the decision about the offender’s destiny is not so univocal and pre-defined: for example, in every specific case it should be decided for how long keep trying to make him “understand” the correct point of view, how much effort and time spend into describing and explaining to him a different approach and view on the debated question, when deciding that he is hopeless and abandon him to his life and his own personal way of growing up and understanding things. I mean, even a fairly advanced and “educated” person may make a mistake, from now and then 🙂 : if he is immediately banned (which is in any case a violence) this will more likely push him toward a bigger degree of error than toward the truth…

Second case: the offender is actually telling the “truth”, which automatically means that at least the content (as opposite to the form) of his message cannot be considered an offence and the misbehaving is the so-called offended (who paradoxically becomes the real offender) because, unconsciously or not, he is “lying”, he is manipulating the truth, denying and/or distorting it. And this is a much heavier offence than any bad world or swearword (at least, I repeat, for someone whose main interest concerns truth and correctness).

Banning the so-called offender in this case would be an offence to truth and correctness. In this second case, on the one hand, the so-called offender should be made aware of the fact that, even if he is “right”, probably he should take into consideration that others could still be unprepared to accept his “truth” or don’t have the awareness to see his perspective even when trying at their best and this is probably not a sufficient reason for offending them. On the other hand, the so-called offended should examine messages and words, and his own conscience too, trying to understand the reasons of the so-called offender, trying to understand what pushed him to the point of offending.

The situation in this second case is the opposite of the first one: now, it is the so-called offender that should decide how much effort to put into explaining his “view” and when give up and abandon the discussion (perhaps with an offence 🙂 ).

The two examples above are clearly a simplification, the truth is seldom totally on one side only, but what is important is to be able to recognize the approach that is closer to the truth and to adjust the response to the distance from truth and correctness.

Summarizing one could say that as the distance from truth and correctness increases so should and could do the harshness of the response: but this is the distance of the “view” underlying the offence, not that of the offensive words from some kind of predefined convention on which words are acceptable and which ones are not.

In the end, I must remember that on top of all this, at a higher level of abstraction, there is the fact that every person has a personal view of things, facts and events, and also has a “specific role” with specific superior reasons for existing and all this certainly complicates the identification of what is “true and correct”.

Therefore what conclusion can a person willing to get the most from these situations draw? What should be his approach, knowing all of the above?

I think that the best approach (and perhaps the only one really existing) is that of (independently from the fact that he is the offender or the offended):

• First matching his own “truth” against that of the other, opening to the other’s “truth” enough to truly (without lying to himself) see which one is “truer”: intermediate positions are evidently possible, one could find out that almost everything is “wrong” but something, even if completely different from his own “truth” and totally new, is actually potentially true and could be used to evolve (and this fact by itself should modify the feelings toward the opposite party from fully negative to at least partially positive and therefore reduce the probability of an offensive response).

• Then, provided he still truly considers his own truth “truer” than the other one, gauging the distance between the two, evaluating the probabilities of a profitable exchange of ideas by means of a discussion and then decide what to do. If the distance is too big, I think I would probably simply drop the question.

• If I had been offended I could consider closing the question with an offensive reply (with the clear awareness that this offensive reply would be just an expression of my belonging to the human race and would serve no purpose other than that of pleasing my offended ego (but also this purpose is not always simply negative or bad, it may be a way of keeping one’s balance (and, like all means for keeping one’s balance, it’s “better” to be able to do without, but only if it is truly so))).

The final point, as for many questions of our life, is that what is important is the Moon, not the finger pointing to it, all other considerations are secondary.

What makes a real difference is not if one is offended or has offended someone else, but if someone who was presented with it has lost or not an occasion to understand, grow up, change and evolve.

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“The rainbow is my message of love…”

Before reading the article that follows, I ask you to listen to this beautiful song – “The rainbow” by Adriano Celentano – which expresses with extraordinary precision my current mood with every word, sound and image – and whose existence I had strangely ignored up to the exact moment when I evidently needed to form a reference, a strong and clear confirmation from the surrounding reality.

And then, while I was surfing the web, this song literally caught my eye.

I then left so suddenly
that I didn’t have the time to say goodbye
a short instant but even shorter
if there is a light running through your heart

The rainbow is my love message
maybe one day it’ll be able to touch you
with colours it is possible to wipe out
the most humiliating and distressing dreariness

I became evening sunset
and I speak like april leaves
and I will live inside every sincere voice
and with birds I live the subtle song
and my most beautiful and dense speech
expresses with silence its sense

How many things I had not understood
that are clear as falling stars
and I must tell you that is an infinite pleasure
to carry these that are my heavy suitcases

I miss you so much dear friend, really
and many things have been left to be said
listen always and only to true music
and always try if you can to understand

I became evening sunset
and I speak like april leaves
and I will live inside every sincere voice
and with birds I live the subtle song
and my most beautiful and dense speech
expresses with silence its sense

I miss you so much dear friend, really
and many things have been left to be said
listen always and only to true music
and always try if you can to understand
listen always and only to true music
and always try if you can to understand (vanishing)

It seems, according rumour, that the inspiration for the words of this song had been directly stimulated by the “subtle planes”; I can’t say if this is true; on the contrary, what I can say is that currently the “subtle planes” are entering more and more deeply into our usual physical plane reality, creating “clearings” of presence, of high a level of vibration, clear and proper and warm volumes of existence, small oasis of happiness that transform the concept of “Paradise on Earth” into a condition that is just the opposite of metaphorical.

Creating such “clearings” that, just because of their appearance, tend to update and expand our basic beliefs about what could happen and could not happen in our existence. They tend to update our concept of reality.

I believe I have already travelled quite a lot beyond the “borderline” and it’s very likely that in the next future I will go even “further”.

What do you mean with “further”?
Quo Vadis?

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“…A flower of fortune had not yet appeared …”

“The towering mountain appeared before me.
At the foot of the mountain I press my cheek against it,
It’s cold, timeless majesty, barren of a single flower
whose petals would tell my fortune”

As the first posting for my personal blog I would like to select such a vital theme as the question. To discuss the interpersonal relations and mutual understanding between peoples in this present complex period, when the condition “the ground is slipping away from you” finds ever new, additional and unexpected angles for showing itself to us. We are trying in all possible ways to remain on our feet, empirically capturing and regaining the skills of “the new era equilibrists”, the techniques of re-coding alien oscillations in such a manner that allows us to “modify” ourselves in a new way, which helps us find and smoothen out our inner beginning and ending. Then join them with the surrounding world in such a way, so that the outer would become as a colourful trail and musical arrangement of our inner consistency, a flowering of the senses within ourselves.

Probably at present many of us find ourselves inside some very strange and surreal life situations. These situations, which we may not comprehend (although we are present inside them) and with which at times, we do not know how to deal with. These situations aim to agitate us with all their might… first glance, for no reason and depending on where from and how the wind will blow. At one moment they flood out like a whole life’s volume, at another they avoid communication and minimize themselves into a hardly noticeable icon somewhere in the corner. They send us welcoming beams of sunlight, arousing our innermost desires but at the same time not giving them an output, making our familiar life styles sometimes fly and sometimes fall short.

Sometimes the situations flood us with lumps of “common denominators” that come across as a complete absurdity, but at the same time they contrive to insert the fragments of guiding threads into this absurdity, “veins and glimmers of extremely necessary and attractive gold-bearing deposits” stimulating us to “let through ourselves and grind into flour” this absurdity and unintelligibility.

With incredible power we have a longing to begin to speak with the surrounding world in the language of our own deep causality, in the language of our innermost desires, but for the time being we do not have the linguistic skills and we tend to generate many misunderstandings in both instances when we “write” as well as when we “read”.

Our increasingly unbridled senses are becoming enriched with new modes of euphony, with new extraterrestrial musical tonalities, with new keys and strings.

However they do not know yet how to deal in a human way with this “extraterrestrial input” gained against all expectations.

Inevitably they go to pieces and call for the help of some all-understanding Master – who would pull back the layers of our thoughts and feelings, investigate what is underneath it, seal it up and then stick an accompanying label on top saying, “The instrument is in a good order and consistent; it can and should be brought into the play of the global orchestra” Date, Signature.”

Except that where would we get this all-knowing Master who, after testing us in one way and another, would “pass” us and would launch us into the space of the new reality to start “happening”?

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