Riding the waves… (third part)

First of all a special thank to Mirella, the author of the picture above and a very close spiritual friend, for allowing me to use it in this context where it belongs so well!

The question left unanswered is: how do I in practice notice what is happening?

In order to be aware of what is happening, it’s not necessary to visit web sites speaking of the advent of the new reality or attend learning courses for “Light Operators” and the like. On the contrary, these and other opportunities and educational initiatives may provide a precious support to those already on their way, but cannot be the source of personal illumination.

And then, how can a “normal person” not even gifted with some extra sensorial perceptions catch the breathing of the new reality and follow its call?

Simply by taking his immediate surrounding reality as a starting point: starting from many small things, from apparently banal excitations and impulses that he meets every day and that, if he only looks at them with more attention and more open-mindedly, become his guide and Master for the exploration of the new reality.

Inside us is awakening a new sense – “the sense of ourselves right and correct” – that is based on the dynamic recalculation of our needs and possibilities inside our specific local system of coordinates and is fed by our energetic transmissivity nature.

This local sense of rightness and correctness could be defined as our personalized sense of measure of things. As if, while being busy with our daily things, we could at any moment extract this gauge, apply it to this or that practical frame and feel inside if the frame is all right for us, if it sounds good or not.

For example, we could feel if our current participation into a specific situation is right or wrong, if something is missing or in excess, if a certain phase could be accelerated or slowed down or even inverted or – why not? – simply skipped.

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Riding the waves… (second part)

Speaking about how to create our complex existential site, just as a concrete example of these “accidental” means that can guide our individual self-learning process, I would like to submit to your attention a great Secret.

The “Secret” film, as explained by both the movie producers and the writer of the book the movie is based upon, exists from a very long time. But now this basic principle – The Law of Attraction, this undoubtedly correct, but generally scarcely utilized, receipt for a right and harmonic existence – starts to be applied at a completely different level and under conditions that are quite different from the past.

It is not anymore a technique that helps creating a kind of individual, made to measure oasis in the middle of a desert of incomprehension, contradiction and global uneasiness, but is an approach that makes us natural participants of the whole, thanks to the powerful embrace between the wave of our “thinking-feeling” and the Whole.

The “Secret” becomes the instrument for observing, under a very strong light, the appearance of many things up to now hidden in the shadows: our real capabilities and inclinations, the reasons behind our presence here, our specific ways of communicating with the Whole.

The “Secret” becomes the instrument for finding out and engraving our personalized interface to the new reality’s infrastructure and to the new existential operating system, both particularly in favour of the “thinking man”.

The new existential operating system, now that is becoming more and more clearly the dominant factor of the ether of the Earth, keeps transmitting unceasingly to “everybody listening” a message of this kind:

“I, the New Order of things, the New Operating System, am here, I already exist and I want to know who you are. Tell me your name using, to introduce yourself to me, the language of the Whole, the only one I can understand. And tell me what your desires are, because “your desires are commands” for me – and it’s really for this, to study and fulfill them, that I’ve been created Up There and subsequently I have been carried down here, into the space of your physical plane”.

The question is that now we should focus not on tangible and separated desires, but rather on our profile, our ideal existential frame, our optimal way to “be” and “happen”. We should focus on our “capacity”, our “happiness carrier”, our wave that we must use to surf the physical plane’s space, attracting to us and naturally and spontaneously inserting in our life flow the various Creation’s fragments that match our specific wave nature and that are sensitive to its call.

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Riding the waves… (first part)

Hello everybody!

Since the publication of my last article, magic and extraordinary things have kept happening on our planet: the problem is that we keep not seeing with clarity these magical and extraordinary things because our perceptive system is still not tuned and adjusted well enough.

Some months ago the idea of abandoning the unique “Russian track” as the only way to move through the space of the new reality – that reality that by now is felt on a daily basis by our body and our thoughts, under our feet and above our heads – became more and more pressing.

The idea was that of involving also the energetic characteristics and the wave nature of other languages into the process of accompanying, reflecting and “recalculating” this movement. The objective was that of arranging a wider, more redundant and more synergistic monitoring system, for now exploiting in particular the Italian and English ways of vibrating and “happening”.

The structural reorganization of the site to accomplish this transition from one language to several languages has taken a fairly long time, in a way illustrating our not always coherent and linear progress from our archaic and compressed existential states toward more evolved, complete, expanded, multidimensional and “multivolume” states.

Towards those states where the energetic curvatures of our “thinking-feeling” and our gift of the word become a kind of personalized keyboard, unique and made to measure, with a specific set of keys, characters and symbols that we can use to learn the art of generating and applying our ideal conditions of interaction with the external world.

This migration from the condition of “under-manifested” persons to that of “fully-manifested” persons, i.e. with a true sense of himself expanded and manifested in all of its greatness, is already fully under course, even though everyone has his own specific navigation plan to reach the Whole.

Currently, with increasing strength, the “ether” encourages every kind of interaction and exchange among these specific navigation plans, it urges them to share their fragmentary discoveries and intuitions, in such a way to create a kind of “distribution of the wave work”, a complementarity, a “warm embrace of solidarity” among different conditions of correct “thinking-feeling”. And this despite the fact that, or exactly because, each one of these conditions is still under development and doesn’t precisely know how to focus itself in the external world.

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Ego: bad or good?

Slava’s reply to my preceding article on the offences (then followed by other posts all revolving around similar problems) has triggered a course of thoughts on the “ego” that I immediately saw as being too long to condense into a forum answer, so I decided to try writing some considerations on the argument and post them as another blog entry.

I think that the question of the ego is really a key issue in the approach not only to this problem, but to many others and in this transition between the old and the new reality.

There are many concepts and questions that meet, combine and interact and often the boundary between what is “real” and what is an “illusion” or a “make-believe” is very thin and not stable at all…

So it’s quite difficult to provide a kind of “understandable” synthesis, but I will try to explain how I see the question.

First of all, when we say “ego” are we talking of the term used by psychologists or of the essence of our human nature?

The difference is huge, in a psychological sense the ego is, in practice, the expression of the approach of the person to the world: a man with a disproportionate ego will tend to try imposing himself all the time, will have little or no respect for the others, their opinions and will. Vice-versa a shy and well-mannered man will be suspected of having a small ego or at least of being able to control very well his ego. In a quarrel, we say that we are carried away by our ego… etc. etc.

In this interpretation the ego is something that we should control and educate or, in the opposite case, cultivate and feed to make it stronger or “better looking”. Something not too different from our body that can be trained and exercised in order to put it in shape it or to win a cross-country race…
And so all the psychological techniques for human interaction have been created, mainly based on the concepts of “damage limitation” and of reaching a kind of statistically defined more or less average “level of intensity” and “quality” that is more or less socially acceptable.

So the question of dealing with the ego is that of either limiting the damages that a too strong ego can inflict to the others and to the interaction or those self-inflicted or inflicted by others in the case of a too weak ego (with, as usual, all the range of intermediate cases). In any case, everything is based on the assumption that there are standard “right and desirable” ways of approaching any situation and that the only problem is that of clarifying to the erring ego what these ways are and helping it to accept and adapt to them, usually by means of standard exercises or, if necessary, of drugs affecting the underlying chemical processes.

This way that I cannot avoid from defining quite superficial causes many distortions. For example, since sometimes talented persons who actually impose themselves thanks to their abilities and genius are ill-mannered and unrespectful (and sometime we could discuss about their reasons for doing so), then some not-talented-at-all persons misbehave and show a great lack of respect for the others pretending to demonstrate their value in that way. One of the biggest misunderstandings on this subject is that of those guys believing that the “size and quality” of their ego is proportional to the amount of violence that they can impose on the others while keeping to get away with it. Other “funny misunderstandings” are those related to the identification of the ego with the economic status of the bearer, or with his social condition, or with his fame on the media… OK, these will probably look like almost banal and certainly well known questions, but they are deriving from the simplified view described above and actually shared by the vast majority of persons.

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