“Shine, shine, my star…”

When I saw this wonderful picture shot by Massimo a few days ago from one of the windows of our house, the impact was so strong that I couldn’t resist the impulse of building around it an adequate verbal frame drawing, to this purpose, from my current state of thinking-feeling.

What’s happening on the Earth?

It happens that the spectrum of the Stellar Rainbow (that I sometimes call Majesty, or Mega-Presence, or the Heavens Ambassador’s Wave or with still other names that I have to invent each time in order to say what I feel I have to say, but without damaging his balance) is bursting into our human existence, ready to live in it, to take his honorary residence on our physical plane and to become an integral part of our modus vivendi and of our modus operandi.

It’s a really huge force with unlimited power that is now literally bursting with its quivering impatience of flowing out, of “going out among the people”, of nourishing and rebuilding the energetic landscape of our world with its magical essence.

This force now doesn’t restrict itself to simply letting us know of its existence, but shakes and urges and fills our current vibrational space. It stimulates and tempts us with its stellar call that every passing day becomes louder and louder for our human ears: “Do you, old reality of the Earth, want to take me as your legitimate sponsor and co-author of all the wonderful things that will transform you into a “paradise on earth”? Tell me yes, please, tell me yes!”

Nevertheless, the answer “Yes, I will!” can only be given individually.

At the base of this huge planetary transformation and of the radical change of our existential culture there is the individual approach due to the freedom of choice granted by definition to every living individual.

Therefore it’s up to us defining, with our ondular thinking-feeling, the level and spectrum of intimacy inside our existential volume that we want and are ready to have with the Majesty.

We must decide the terms of closeness that we are ready to grant to the Majesty in such a way to be able to see it “with the naked eye”, perceiving it as our subjective and objective “living partner”, the partner to rely on, the partner to stimulate and excite, the partner with whom to dance the dance of the new order of things, of the new awareness, of the new and right “happening”.

At this point the discussion stops being abstract and directly moves to the practical plane.

How should I attract the Majesty towards me?

How, by means of which existential categories, should I introduce myself to the Majesty?

What can I (if I can) offer to the Majesty of so special and unique to stimulate Him to come closer to me, to take interest in me, to desire “staying with me”, moving at the unison with me, joining our two energetic transmissivities?

In which way can I transform the theoretically possible condition of living my existence as a kind of pas-de-deux with the Majesty into a really happening condition?

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    Welcome to our new home – a portal, like Aphrodite, born from the foam and splashes of the global transformational wave. Some of us are already on close terms with the global transformational wave and many others do not yet know about it. I decided that the right way to introduce this web-site would be to start from the very beginning, to concentrate not on the existing members of my old web-site, whom I consider to be my friends and associates all these years and who are already familiar with the subject material, but on newcomers and those who just started to discover that the planet Earth is in full swing of the Second Coming, that the previous earthly “stunted” way of life is increasingly withdrawing and that it is being replaced with a mode of life which is much more balanced and harmonious.
    Before I start the narration about the global transformational wave and those incredible metamorphosises which started to spread in geometric series via all the energy conducting vessels and veins of our planet, I would like to introduce myself briefly. Irinushka is my spiritual nickname which emerged as a derivative from my birth name – Irina. I was born in Moscow. Up to the age of thirty my life was pretty normal. I graduated from the History Faculty of the Moscow Humanitarian University, got my Ph.D, worked for few years as a research officer and interpreter. During the years of “perestroyka” I moved to Italy and my life began to flow along a new course, new “riverbeds”. I encountered many new bends and curves in the “riverbeds” of life. Some of these “riverbeds”, twists and turns were quite ordinary (new job, new hobbies etc) however some of them were not …
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