Irina Bergo “Heaven has come down to Earth”

Some time ago I’ve been proposed an interview for a provincial russian newspaper. I accepted and we did the interview via e-mail. Now I publish here the content of this interview, without modifications and including the editorial staff’s note and the mini-headers inserted by the journalist in order to separate the subjects.

Famous psychic Irina Bergo is certain that we are going through an era of global changes and that not only our health and happiness but, in fact, the future of the entire planet depend on how we enter into the altered picture of the world…

Our note:

The world knows Irina Bergo as a clairvoyant and healer, but she modestly calls herself an informational medium. Some of our readers know about her web-site “Irinushka” which got its second wind this year, her three books published in electronic form and also numerous published articles. Thanks to knowledge and advice from Irinushka many people have gained the possibility of a real revival because they started to look on life and their place in the world differently.

To interpret the new reality Irina had to involve a new way of using language. At first, Irinushka’s responses may appear somewhat incomprehensible to the reader. However at times it is enough just to read carefully in order to perceive, without dictionaries and translators, this unusual way to express thoughts and also to «taste» the new reality which has come to Earth.

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  • What we are here for?

    Welcome to our new home – a portal, like Aphrodite, born from the foam and splashes of the global transformational wave. Some of us are already on close terms with the global transformational wave and many others do not yet know about it. I decided that the right way to introduce this web-site would be to start from the very beginning, to concentrate not on the existing members of my old web-site, whom I consider to be my friends and associates all these years and who are already familiar with the subject material, but on newcomers and those who just started to discover that the planet Earth is in full swing of the Second Coming, that the previous earthly “stunted” way of life is increasingly withdrawing and that it is being replaced with a mode of life which is much more balanced and harmonious.
    Before I start the narration about the global transformational wave and those incredible metamorphosises which started to spread in geometric series via all the energy conducting vessels and veins of our planet, I would like to introduce myself briefly. Irinushka is my spiritual nickname which emerged as a derivative from my birth name – Irina. I was born in Moscow. Up to the age of thirty my life was pretty normal. I graduated from the History Faculty of the Moscow Humanitarian University, got my Ph.D, worked for few years as a research officer and interpreter. During the years of “perestroyka” I moved to Italy and my life began to flow along a new course, new “riverbeds”. I encountered many new bends and curves in the “riverbeds” of life. Some of these “riverbeds”, twists and turns were quite ordinary (new job, new hobbies etc) however some of them were not …
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