“…A flower of fortune had not yet appeared …”

“The towering mountain appeared before me.
At the foot of the mountain I press my cheek against it,
It’s cold, timeless majesty, barren of a single flower
whose petals would tell my fortune”

As the first posting for my personal blog I would like to select such a vital theme as the question. To discuss the interpersonal relations and mutual understanding between peoples in this present complex period, when the condition “the ground is slipping away from you” finds ever new, additional and unexpected angles for showing itself to us. We are trying in all possible ways to remain on our feet, empirically capturing and regaining the skills of “the new era equilibrists”, the techniques of re-coding alien oscillations in such a manner that allows us to “modify” ourselves in a new way, which helps us find and smoothen out our inner beginning and ending. Then join them with the surrounding world in such a way, so that the outer would become as a colourful trail and musical arrangement of our inner consistency, a flowering of the senses within ourselves.

Probably at present many of us find ourselves inside some very strange and surreal life situations. These situations, which we may not comprehend (although we are present inside them) and with which at times, we do not know how to deal with. These situations aim to agitate us with all their might… first glance, for no reason and depending on where from and how the wind will blow. At one moment they flood out like a whole life’s volume, at another they avoid communication and minimize themselves into a hardly noticeable icon somewhere in the corner. They send us welcoming beams of sunlight, arousing our innermost desires but at the same time not giving them an output, making our familiar life styles sometimes fly and sometimes fall short.

Sometimes the situations flood us with lumps of “common denominators” that come across as a complete absurdity, but at the same time they contrive to insert the fragments of guiding threads into this absurdity, “veins and glimmers of extremely necessary and attractive gold-bearing deposits” stimulating us to “let through ourselves and grind into flour” this absurdity and unintelligibility.

With incredible power we have a longing to begin to speak with the surrounding world in the language of our own deep causality, in the language of our innermost desires, but for the time being we do not have the linguistic skills and we tend to generate many misunderstandings in both instances when we “write” as well as when we “read”.

Our increasingly unbridled senses are becoming enriched with new modes of euphony, with new extraterrestrial musical tonalities, with new keys and strings.

However they do not know yet how to deal in a human way with this “extraterrestrial input” gained against all expectations.

Inevitably they go to pieces and call for the help of some all-understanding Master – who would pull back the layers of our thoughts and feelings, investigate what is underneath it, seal it up and then stick an accompanying label on top saying, “The instrument is in a good order and consistent; it can and should be brought into the play of the global orchestra” Date, Signature.”

Except that where would we get this all-knowing Master who, after testing us in one way and another, would “pass” us and would launch us into the space of the new reality to start “happening”?

Our rational intellect, operating with the substantial knowledge (which originates from already known and already registered in the universal database algorithms of “eventness”), cannot give us a hint as to the exit from this unprecedented and “groundless” situation…. but on the other hand in addition it can “rub salt into the wound” and regularly inform us about its discomfort, its tiredness and its misunderstandings, the loss of its habitual life arrangements and criteria.

Our life situations stopped “obeying” us because they do not come from what we used to be in the past or what we are now, but they come from our Life assignment, from our ideal “place under the sun” which is due to be occupied by us while we are integrating into a new “Operating System” of earthly being.

Our usual human executive voice – that main attribute by means of which, up to now, we have managed or attempted to manage our “eventness” – can no longer impress on them.
Also they do not consider it as an authority anymore because the only meaningful authority whose opinion they consider, who they worship and they are ready to take into account, are “oscillations” … and other unprecedented and non registered in earthly records wave stimulations and inputs, which are transmitted into the earthly energy-background by Crystal Lattices and the Second Coming.

Just thanks to “oscillations” we integrate into the System, into the global net of energy transmission. Anchoring in to our own specific “slot” and “bosom of causality” and become legitimate users and participants of the new Operating System.

Just thanks to “oscillations” we gain the state to resound, “ignite spontaneously” and “split into discrete units of energy”, split into those specific primary particles of our energy transmissivity which output our basic wave nature in the form of unique and original well-established “life-writing”, in the form of natural riverbed of fluidity for cashing our inner spiritual-energy capital.

The problem is that each of us “oscillates” at his or her own rate created by both “man-made and non-human making” components and if there should be no misfire with non-human made components, which are derivatives of our true nature, then it is much more complicated with the man-made components.

Also the majority of us incline to “under-oscillate” or over-oscillate” transforming thereby, this correct, useful and necessary “oscillation” into an incorrect, out of phase and out of centre one, into “oscillations” which move us away from our true selves instead of bringing us nearer to it.

Here is for you this partially justified and partially groundless syndrome of “lost in translation”, the “Babel” of a great number of individual wave modes of yourself, which are still partially clogged and have not yet taken shape and not freed itself from the previous guise of “averageness”. Not acquired yet adequate, external drives and interfaces which would allow everyone to “speak distinctly and well with his/her own voice in the language of the Whole”.

Moreover when wings sprout you can inadvertently not cope well with them and hit heavily in the forehead or poke in the ribs your neighbour who is also going through the same process.

So what manner of behaviour should we hold to, regarding your neighbour in this complex consequential moment?

The main thing is to act on the premise of that primary responsibility which each of us carries with regard to one’s specific mode of integration into the system and one’s spontaneous ignition because only in this way we will be able to proceed from the rank of the subject “under-manifested” into the rank of the subject “fully manifested”.

We will be able to acquire a contact with our own inner nature; in addition we will be able to detect the Truth directly – our particular Truth – thereby returning to it our “debt of incomprehension” in which we are all seized to one extent or another.

This, our primary responsibility is borne in the foundation of the present process of demarcation and allowing us to move into our individual frequency ranges and corridors in which it will turn out to be natural to ignite spontaneously and “be happening” and simply be ourselves.

This process of differentiation which leads each of us to our peculiar orbit of accomplishments, to our vibratory “Home page” is complex, painful and “acrobatic”, which activates simultaneously both “sublimation” into ourselves till more ethereal life states, and “falling-out into sediment”, grounding by ourselves our spiritual modes and hypostasis in the solid physical forms, in motions and loads of the physical aspect.

It is inclined to cause damage and discomfort to customary forms of communication, to create for us a feeling of anti-integrity and seperating yourself from others. Since we still, through inertia strive to use other people like mirrors, like illumination and like a measure of ourselves, like confirmation of our power and our weakness, our qualities and our imperfections and now whatever we would project onto this life screen, whatever we would try to make out with its help, it shows us not our “self” but our “not-self”, all sorts of distorted and pretended aspects of our manner of being. Aspects which are busy with the wrong. Aspects turned to the wrong side. Aspects striped of the full bonds with the world.

Tendency to interact with other people, proceeding from our “formed in the previous reality conceptions” about how in principle human nature is arranged, inevitably fraught with loss and disappointments because in actual fact each of us is arranged in an absolutely different way. Each of us is present and grounded in our own peculiar foundations so that all previous forms of averaged-typical (illusory to a considerable extent) stability inevitably come to an end. The sooner we realize this principle of impossibility to cling to previous life templates and “groundworks”, the more sparingly for us will be the mode of crossing, the mode of “the jump in the hyperspace”.

In this process of self-smoothing out into our true stature we can not rely on anyone apart from ourselves – not relatives, colleagues, friends or the powers that be, only on ourselves, on our specific wave nature, on our specific mode of spontaneous ignition, on our “spiritual-energy array from A to Z”.

The crossing over to the new reality can not be accomplished “in a friendly company”, hand in hand with close people because this crossing is nothing else but a “self-dissolution” and individual spectacular reconsideration and recalculation of yourself in the world on the basis of finding the junction with your own deep roots of causality, on the basis of our own specific individually-integral bends of “why?”.

After the crossing has taken place, already being situated inside our own individual legitimate “slot” inside the System, inside our individual corridor of manifestation and manifesting, inside our “Home page” and our “root file of ourselves”, we can and must begin building landmarks and bridges in the direction of the surrounding world.

One can formulate the fundamental principle thus:
that everyone is a legitimate resident in their own specific frequency range of causality and “accomplishmentness “, although we are in contact with other frequency ranges and can manifest ourselves in them, nevertheless not directly but likely, casually and by tangent, so far as we appear in them as “visiting guests” and not permanent residents.
Accordingly we should give them their due, should consider their peculiarities of energy-transmissivity with the specifics of their wave nature, with their specific dimensions and speed.

We are migrating in the direction of our “root file of ourselves”, in the direction of our springy and piercingly-clear “before-starting volume of eventness”,
from which we can flow out at liberty as legitimate-conscious mainstreams of our worldly deeds and statuses which we are consonant and harmonious with,
which are to our liking, which are able to understand the language of our “thinking-feeling” and release into the surrounding outer reality those melodies, iridescence, anxiousness and integrity of the sensations, which for some time has been registered and live and breathe within us inside.

“The era of standard forms of life” had ended, and this condition applies to all and everyone, applies to all aspects of our existence without exception.

It applies to manifestations of energy-transmission and at the level of the body, and at the level of deeds, actions, thought and words.

Only being in this “root file” of our causality and our ” life business “, we turn out to be legitimate and fully manifested users of the new Operating System of earthly existence, but the process of demarcation into various frequency bands does not mean that we all scatter into our individual burrows and will communicate with each other as with ectoplasm.

We simply must learn to build and “pave” the way, the route, partname to the files of our outwardly-surface manifestations from our “root file of ourselves”. Including those manifestations, by which we are found to be a guest, of the causality and “eventness” ranges which are not ours.

Building such a route will allow us to feel connected with our own specific bosom of causality, even when we are engaged in “accompanying” some other causality which is not ours. It will allow us to “oscillate”, “be happening” and resound simultaneously both in its specific and our specific manners.

It is some kind of vibratory acoustic backing of the external “wave nature”, causality and our own way stability. However to start operating this mechanism of vibratory arrangement, we can only do so by pushing off from our root file, from our specific tuning into the language of the Whole, from our individual high-frequency range.

Being in our root file, we can, evidently or implicitly, ask it to “pave” either angle of external “eventness” by our “true causality”, to recalculate it in our specific coordinates, bends and reference units of itself, to provide it with clear and consonant to us spiritual-energetic organoleptic qualities. Then “the happiness will come” – the happiness of the communication, the happiness of the clear closeness, the happiness of the mutual understanding.

In the new reality, the condition “to be together” with another person (in the broad sense) is based on the fact that their spiritual-energetic arrays, modes of spontaneous ignition and their wave nature of “eventness” can and want “to be together”.

On the basis that their energy arrays are able to detect each other, able to turn to each other in their full face, capable “to be inflamed with each other” by their specific units of “thinking-feeling”, capable to swing with each other in unison spreading their own specific splashes of light, reason, heat and sustainability in such a way as to mutually reinforce and support each other, helping each other to move from the state of non-manifesting into the states of a full and comprehensive manifestation.

Allowing ourselves to be led by these underlying energy settings and sacraments, we are beginning to feel, on our human level an awareness of ourselves, the increasing need “to pull and shake” individuals surrounding us as “the tip of the iceberg”, as “plenipotentiary representatives of energy arrays so far not visible to our eye”, encouraging them to spontaneous ignition and to self-splitting in order to find out empirically: “what reference units of energy they are weaved from and how they are arranged inside “.

Are our and their specific spiritual-energy resources and specific “wave curvatures of happiness” potentially compatible with each other and do they synergistically complement each other?

The former traditional and barely working human manner of building personal relationships and seeking approaches to each other is breaking down before our very eyes and a fundamentally different system comes up to take its place… the system of mutual recognition, mutual-decoding and interaction based on “affinity of souls”, on “kinship of thermo-gene”, on belonging to related and consonant to each other frequency bands of “eventness”.

“The process has begun” and increasingly we will be detecting both the happiness of “fully-advanced wave mutual-understanding”, as well as indisputably-axiomatic condition… that not in all cases a principle base is created, for “fruitful mutual shaking” and for synergic mutual-cincture of each other by individual resound energy-transmission contours and bends.

So when such a framework is not created (is not being created as a matter of principle or is not in the process of being created yet) and our heated facets of energy-transmission hang in a vacuum, unable to lean against friendly and concordant to itself facets, then the “incorporeity”, nonconductibility and absurdity let us hear from them. It is here where both ends do not meet anymore (even if before they roughly could converge with each other).

The problem is that at the given moment many future layers of our vitality and activity are simply not noticeable yet, either in reality or in fore-reality. At times it may prove to be quite difficult to “guess” how “the chip would fall”, to calculate and predict future “flashing” deals even if highly authoritative sources from the higher realms will be invited to do these “foreseen” and calculation.

In this case it is not prudent to be too hasty and categorical, for example, making a decision “to terminate” any personal relationships just because they strive to build up into a cacophony, something wrong which irritates the eye and soul or unnatural and distorting mirrors of our “not self”.
If somewhere deep and far, some inner tuning key is present and makes its presence known to us, then many external bugs and senselessness, blatant notes of nonsense and dissonance sometimes disappear and retreat into the background.

If in the current “unclean”, uncomfortable and obscure situation we can detect echoes of deep correctness and law-and-order, fractions of cleanliness and clearness, glowing skies and glimmers of the future wide-frame understanding, if from these puzzling and unable-plainly-explain-themselves-to-us outer states suddenly fleetingly will begin to blow on us with something so inexpressibly magnetic and genuinely true, something so “unquestionably and innermostly our”, then “one can give anything for it”.

That, what we feel, or to be accurate, what we just begin to feel (which are these outside-substantial reference points of happiness and goodness still to be made concrete as “we will grow into” in the capacity of doing it) … this lives in our “maternal volume of reality”, in the space of potentially manifested which now is no longer separated, as before, from our “affiliated volume”, from the volume of the actually manifested, from the previous strict and sealed border.

The “spiritual-energetic building material” marches and travels by a continuous chain “from there (the maternal volume) to here (the affiliated volume)”. This building material is needed for attaching additional integrity, completeness and manifestations to our life modes and perspectives which exist within our “affiliated volume”.

Necessary highlighters and proclaimers, binders and connectors, “stem cells” of our profound nature of reason, incentive-configurative patterns and templates bearing the label “Do it yourself!” “Be manifested yourself!”… all these descend on us like falling stars “from then”, from the territory of the pre-manifested.

In my view at this stage it is desirable to put at the heart of the issue not the question about specifically substantive understanding with this or another person, but rather a question of whether we feel him, together with his specific scale of energy-transmission, as a “subject for potential agitation” (this agitation, in its turn, can take various forms, can use body language, the language of thoughts, emotions and other means, languages and dialects which we have at our disposal).
Do we feel an explicit or implicit need to ignite with this person in symbiosis?

Do we want clear and undistorted closeness with this person under the auspices of the Whole? Do we want this kind of synergic unification of his or hers and our specific wave nature when related advanced-wave language of communication and understanding is generated in the run time mode and on its own?

How many and for whom exist so many subjects for potential mutual agitation, understanding and synergic mutual-fitting? In many respects it depends on our individual modes of sustainability, on our “spiritual-energy valence” and self-inflammability and, well, on many other factors.

In any case this parameter is not strict but dynamically regulated on the subject “take yourself as much sovereignty, as you are able to carry”…

If this condition of symbiosis of “accomplishmentness” and synergic union of various individual melodies and fragments of “thinking-feeling” under the auspices of the Whole, is born, it creates such a force which any of the current mundane scenarios and decorations will be absolutely obliged to take into consideration; and if it is not born, then, therefore, there is a natural “nature-kinetic” attraction to someone different, with whom we are “one blood, you and me”.

In the already mentioned book of Selma Lagerlöf “The Wonderful Adventures of Nils Holgerssons” there is such a magic spell:

Burum – shurum, shalty-balty … Who are you? Who am I? I was I – now I became you “.

The new earthly reality and new operating system naturally gives us such “extraterrestrial” abilities of “spiritual-energy sorcery” thanks to which we find ourselves in a position of tuning naturally-dynamically on each other, taking a bearing on the other person’s basic wave in order to be simultaneously him and yourself, clearly-undistorted, vibrate simultaneously in his and in your own wave of events and interpretation.

In this field of holistic-advanced understanding we can provide other people with undistorted fragments and “heated degrees” and receive in response from them cross-inputs which are consonant to our specific spiritual energy “conjuncture”.

… and to girdle the whole world with these individually-holistic riverbeds of mutual trust, mutual comprehension and mutual appreciation.

Meanwhile works on the global construction site have only just begun; this whole miraculously piled up on our heads “software of the Second coming” should be installed, tested, adjusted and put into operation, must gain a final version.

In point of fact, the matter is about total and unprecedented reconstruction of the entire spiritual-earthly area of habitation, all its profound and outwardly-superficial components.

This reconstruction is happening in the mode of “non-pulling off the wires from the network”, with related side effects, numerous intermediate reboots and moments of discomfort associated with the temporary loss of synchronism.

The intensity and depth of occurring changes are such that sometimes “we are at our wits’ end” and our so seemingly well-established for centuries “fuses and safety devices” strain to blow.

In this situation there is none and cannot be any ultra-reliable and overstable bunkers and shelters in which one could safely sit out the tornado and then go out and carefully peer at the Earth’s changed landscape in the manner of “Well-well, look what this restructuring has brought to us… “.

If we want to live on this planet true lives of true value rather than drag out your former “under-manifested deprived existence”, the only possible way for this is to embed ourselves (with all of our heated and advanced spiritual-energy giblets and in accordance with our individual schedules, plans for navigation and “lifting modes”) in this enormous multi-level and multi-volume gigantic mechanism of cumulative earthly energy-transmission.

Only then will we be able to “log into” the System as the officially registered users, authorized to use its motive and interpreted working space at our own discretion and in accordance with the criteria of higher expediency.

We will be able to “fence within it our specific garden of miracles” showing our deep inclinations and “abilities” and receive from it in response “to our needs”. We will be able to engage the mode of outwardly-superficial event-trigger justifications and confirmations which refract and reflect our deep nature in its true light.

Then your turn will come to use a flower of fortune the petals of which you will use to tell your own future.

A time will come to use magic, undistorted mirrors (“Mirror, mirror on the wall…”) highlighting the quintessence of ourselves, our true aspect, fully manifested on the physical level.

For now, let there be “more warmth”. Warmth, which we are able to generate with respect to the others, has surprising properties of an ultra- conductor and a “natural substitute for wisdom”.
It helps us to get rid of the current discomfort, to rest and relax the soul and body, to warm up our actively forming, but not yet formed internal “feeling-thinking” relief.

It contributes both to our “sublimation” and our grounding. It amortizes and extinguishes “incorrect oscillation” and ultimately appears to be a so overall widely available handy tool that we can and must use it in our movement from “under-manifested person” to “fully-manifested person “.

Let the motto of this web-site be: “More warmth!”

Let the warmth be visibly and invisibly embedded in any discussions that we will be starting here, let each of us virtually insert it into our own individual user profile – “load with every message”… This is very, very important, believe me…

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