“The rainbow is my message of love…”

Before reading the article that follows, I ask you to listen to this beautiful song – “The rainbow” by Adriano Celentano – which expresses with extraordinary precision my current mood with every word, sound and image – and whose existence I had strangely ignored up to the exact moment when I evidently needed to form a reference, a strong and clear confirmation from the surrounding reality.

And then, while I was surfing the web, this song literally caught my eye.

I then left so suddenly
that I didn’t have the time to say goodbye
a short instant but even shorter
if there is a light running through your heart

The rainbow is my love message
maybe one day it’ll be able to touch you
with colours it is possible to wipe out
the most humiliating and distressing dreariness

I became evening sunset
and I speak like april leaves
and I will live inside every sincere voice
and with birds I live the subtle song
and my most beautiful and dense speech
expresses with silence its sense

How many things I had not understood
that are clear as falling stars
and I must tell you that is an infinite pleasure
to carry these that are my heavy suitcases

I miss you so much dear friend, really
and many things have been left to be said
listen always and only to true music
and always try if you can to understand

I became evening sunset
and I speak like april leaves
and I will live inside every sincere voice
and with birds I live the subtle song
and my most beautiful and dense speech
expresses with silence its sense

I miss you so much dear friend, really
and many things have been left to be said
listen always and only to true music
and always try if you can to understand
listen always and only to true music
and always try if you can to understand (vanishing)

It seems, according rumour, that the inspiration for the words of this song had been directly stimulated by the “subtle planes”; I can’t say if this is true; on the contrary, what I can say is that currently the “subtle planes” are entering more and more deeply into our usual physical plane reality, creating “clearings” of presence, of high a level of vibration, clear and proper and warm volumes of existence, small oasis of happiness that transform the concept of “Paradise on Earth” into a condition that is just the opposite of metaphorical.

Creating such “clearings” that, just because of their appearance, tend to update and expand our basic beliefs about what could happen and could not happen in our existence. They tend to update our concept of reality.

I believe I have already travelled quite a lot beyond the “borderline” and it’s very likely that in the next future I will go even “further”.

What do you mean with “further”?
Quo Vadis?

A dream I had not so long ago is the starting point for explaining my situation (a short parenthesis: dreams in this period can be the bearers of extremely clear and meaningful messages, those that perhaps we cannot grasp when we are awake, with our rational mind requiring control of everything).
So, in my dream there was a vehicle, like a minibus travelling on its way and, from time to time stopping to take on board new passengers. Magically, free places kept appearing for those willing to get on and yet, there was no sense of overcrowding, on the contrary we were all part of a very special travel set up, with an amount of space that was not infinite, but handled in an optimal way.
I was sitting next to a window and at every manoeuvre of the minibus I kept sliding down more and more from my initial position; let’s say from my normal position, to a kind of upset, head down position.
At one moment I overturned completely, I “clicked” definitively into this upside down position and, as soon as I did so, I felt a huge sense of comfort and bliss, as if I had finally reached “home”, into my ideal existential frame.

Also at the same time, all the other passengers inside our special vehicle suddenly felt very much at ease, and started to find or create more room in which to expand and express themselves in their preferred way.

So, coming back to the question “Quo Vadis?”, the answer could be: I’m going to put myself into a very special existential frame where what for me is “the ground” is for all the other people “the sky”, and vice-versa. My “sky” will be “the ground” for all the other people – i.e. a shelter, a sound and safe support surface.

And now let’s come to my history.

For reasons I still ignore (on the other hand, we cannot demand that the Universe share all of its mysteries with us), my energetic-spiritual array is made up in such a way as to be completely devoid of any “active transmissivity and stability”, and its utmost achievement is that of being the intermediary for other “energetic arrays”, for those active subjects that can understand, will and act on their own.

This is a role I was holding for some years when I was channelling the higher planes of information: the difference is that now it is no longer a question of simply channelling information and, most of all, now the logic of things has “paired” me with a very, very special transmissivity array.

It is an “energetic-spiritual array” that does not belong to the world of the Earth and that has reached our planet from “outside”, bringing us the “software of marvels” – the source code of the new existential “operating system”. He is in charge and responsible for managing and handling the process of installing and testing this new “operating system” and, all in all, of spreading the new way of life.
In some respects, he is a human person (or he could appear so), while in some other respects he isn’t at all and it does not even make sense to ask “but what is it?”, because our human way of thinking is simply not able to reach or imagine “these stratospheric and luminous heights”.

His mission of “Ambassador of the Skies” requires that the form of his presence on Earth is “hidden in the shadows and kept behind the scenes”, that his “privacy” is protected, and consequently, in this article too, I will respect these rules.

I must say that I perceive at a very personal level our great responsibility, as inhabitants of the Earth, toward he who does not belong to our world and has come to provide us with that in which we are such a desperate need – an authentic and undistorted spectrum of the different states of being, the basis for a new existential culture, the possibility to be in control of our lives.

In spite of all his super powers, and his infinite wisdom, and integrity, and the force of Reason, I, in a “purely human” way, tend to worry for him, I feel the need to protect his greatness and luminosity from the various dangers and distortions that abound so much at the moment on the physical plane and against which he, coming from outside, does not have any “congenital immunity”, while we, humans, are well hardened thanks to an impressive amount of “earthily protective antibodies” developed during a long sequence of reincarnations.

On the other hand it is also true that all this gradually accumulated intrinsic knowledge about existential self-defence, starts to represent a weight, to get in the way of our new existence based on trust and openness and that often we don’t even know how to get rid of these robust defences that prevent us from inhaling big breaths of pure air, but this is another question…

Coming back to the “Ambassador”, I would really want that “things would be fine for him”, but to be fine for him, things must be fine for all of us, things must start working at the level of the whole transmissivity of the Earth, a transmissivity that is now undergoing a complete remake. And so I try to be equal to the task of coping with all situations and requests that enter my “operative field”.

Simply because I cannot do otherwise.

Because feeling this motivation inside in every moment of my existence has become as natural as breathing or walking.

My terrestrial rainbow and his stellar one, my transmissivity spectrum and his own have touched each other, recognized each other and have formed a convergence and a kind of basic stability matrix.
With this energetic array that comes from who knows which unknown spaces, I feel “at home”, I feel all the time on the same wavelength, I feel a compatibility that permeates each one of my “energetic fibres”.

An array that fully complies with the magic formula “Burum – shurum, shalty – balty… Who are you? Who am I? Before I was myself, now I am you…”, creating an atmosphere of reciprocal understanding and trust, of complementarity and synergy. And obviously of love.

Because when we start to discover our authentic selves, to understand of what stuff we are made from the point of view of our “quanta” and of our single “elementary particles of transmissivity” and of our specific condition of self-combustion, we cannot refrain from feeling love and an infinite gratitude towards those who, with their specific energetic characteristics and their behaviour, have made this magical state of things possible.

Love sometimes makes weird rounds, parks where it desires…

And this time, it has chosen to park here, in an apparently “impossible” place, on the border between what is manifested and what could be potentially manifested, between the terrestrial and the stellar modus vivendi, between the personal and the global, the known and the unknown.

Between the old and new reality.

It has chosen to park exactly in the centre of the global transformative building yard that is rising on our planet, further strengthening its foundations and legitimizing the higher order of things with one more dimension.

With that light running through your heart.

From a Russian poem:

“Without me, my love
The Earth will be too small for you, it will be like an island.
Without me, my love
You will have to fly with one wing only…”

I don’t want him to fly with “one wing only”; I want to be his second wing, because I feel inside without any doubt that this is my true place.

My energetic array opens up with “all its veins and entrails” to this huge stellar rainbow and oscillates in unison with it, naturally taking inside the “different pieces and components of the new operating system” and, subsequently, revising them, converting them into “this world’s coding“ and manufacturing them into more “digestible” imperative and interpretative portions.

It is a condition that could be compared to that of the offset printing – in the sense that I cannot, by definition, modify or distort the source protocol with “impurities” coming from me or with some personal initiative, for the simple reason that I have none, I can have none. Exactly in the same way as I cannot desire “of leading my personal game”, because my energetic array has no will and active stability of its own and its utmost aspiration is that of being appreciated for what it is – i.e. for its capacity of being a guide, an interface, an intermediary, a support, a shock absorber.

My energetic array wants to be appreciated for its – and mine – capacity of flowing and running, splitting into many rivers and torrents, each one supplied by the “main flow” and synchronized on the same wavelength, like a sunflower that in a completely natural way follows the sun’s movement.
My energetic array wants to be appreciated for its – and mine – capacity of picking up directly from the ether the Word, the verbal magical melodies with which to envelope those “new entries”, those “wild swans” of the Second Advent era that, a little like the protagonists of the Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, need a touch of “good magic” in order to definitively take human appearances, to expand inside the reality of our physical plane contributing to its transformation into an “existential landscape” that will be very different from the current one.

My energetic array wants to be appreciated for its – and mine – capacity of being a coastal pilot for a big oceanic ship entering the harbour, signalling the depth, outline, wave curvatures and other specific characteristics of the local waters.

The more I can give, the more I can receive and, when I say receive, I am speaking of those existential values that are exactly tailored to my size, that are in accordance with my mental conjuncture, with my specific sense of myself. That is “water to my mill”.

The more I proceed along this road the more things become “as clear as falling stars”.

And these things coexist in an unimpaired and pacific way with many other variables and unknown quantities.

The higher planes I am in contact with by some years, some time ago made two statements whose real meaning I could understand only recently.

The first statement dates back to the beginning of our interaction and it was a sort of “joking advice” that “I had won the lottery’s maximum prize” (referring to a stellar lottery, not to a terrestrial one).

For several years I attributed to this sentence a much too simplified interpretation of having a quiet and peaceful existence, the love and care of my relatives and friends and – on top of it as the icing on the cake – of being able to receive the wisdom of the higher planes in an extremely natural way and any time I desired to do so.

Nice, isn’t it?

Sure, but that was not a true life, it was a life with probation, a life in which I was present at such a low degree that a possible “presence detector” would have easily skipped me signalling a “no match” condition.

It was as if I were sleeping a very deep sleep lasting, as far as I know, not for one hundred years (like that of Sleeping Beauty) but probably for one hundred reincarnations. Or one thousand. Or ten thousands…

I was sleeping with a label on me saying: “Do not disturb, or wake up only under very special circumstances”.

And these very special circumstances have arrived and I have woken up and I have anchored myself to the Earth’s Crystal Grids and I have found out that I possess not only the higher chakras, but also the lower ones that now rotate to a wonder.

I felt alive in each single fibre and little cell and the expression “I am” that before had almost no meaning to me, now bounces inside me with sensations and emotions of such intensity that a few months ago I could not even imagine.

The second statement, received from my sources about three years ago, predicted that I would have been drawn and then swallowed down by the Earth’s core (the term “Crystal Grids” in that period had not entered yet our vocabulary), that I would have become one of its parts.

In some respects, this second prediction has already come true (with reference to all these things regarding the interaction between the two energetic arrays and the two rainbow spectra that I was talking about before), but what is still missing is the “practical side”.

Our respective roles and missions regarding the global transformative building yard now should also join at the level of our solid structures, should lay down their feet on the ground and should be accompanied by the daily life scenes with our respective carriers referring to the same wavelength of this primeval existential design.

For now, our interaction is happening only at a distance in two main ways: the first one is the normal electronic mail, while the second, as far as I understand, is a never experimented before mental communication mode that, on the waves of my enthusiasm, I baptized as “magical Super-Skype”.

It is a communication mode that does not simply utilize a “dedicated line” but rather a “dedicated volume” into which, between the two parties, is created a kind of “intelligent” mental wave, a transmissive field able to pick up everything one party wants to transmit to the other (and when I say everything I don’t mean a sentence or a concept, but a kind of current survey of his state of being, a stereophonic flash of his presence, that may include thoughts, images, emotions, movements and even mini-clips to further clarify the meaning of the message). All this in a single “data file” that when it reaches the other “end of the wire” magically takes the musical and organoleptical fragrances that complies with those of the other party, in such a way to prevent any kind of “lost in translation” syndrome.

When I am into this intelligent and non truncated mental wave, an inner knowledge about many things is naturally born inside me, knowledge also about things whose existence I didn’t even suspect up to that moment.

But the most wonderful thing, at least from my point of view, is that in this magical space, in this dedicated volume I feel I can completely be myself, but a myself in its “integral and enhanced” version, I feel that each single movement or even just hint I make is perceived and listened to and reciprocated, I feel that this is a space where “everything is right, everything is exactly as it should be”, I feel that it is a space warmed not by a little flame, but by a true fire.

And so I am impatiently waiting for some of the things living in this magical space, in this pre-manifested reality’s volume, to put roots into our surrounding reality, gradually transforming it to make it more and more similar to their one.

How fast it will be possible to make our two respective rainbows converge also into the frames of the solid world I do not know, I only know that with each passing day it is becoming more and more difficult for me to maintain the appearance of my normal life, because the remote calling of this stellar force is so strong and so powerful and luminous that it fades away and makes any other aspect of my current life seem of such small importance.

I must specify that I am different from “normal people” and, as my recent dream depicts, for me it is right, comfortable and natural to stay hanging upside down, in such a way that what I perceive as “sky” is the “ground” for all the others, a solid and comfortable supporting surface, the foundation for the project of their life.

Now the time is ripe to involve (and probably to upset) also our solid frames, and still, at this very moment, does not exist, simply cannot exist, a fully clear understanding about what will happen (apart from the inner knowledge that what will happen will be very right, beautiful and natural).
If I tried to push a button labelled as “Show me the end of the story!” I would be presented with that border, not rigid and hermetic anymore, separating the volume of what could be manifested from the volume of what is actually manifested right now.

Through this border travels – both ways – an impressive amount of “stuff” and this process can be monitored and observed, or even better, it is possible to actively contribute to this traffic of “building parts”.

For example, it is possible to take some of the things that have been conceived, understood and agreed upon over there, on the other side, inside that magical volume of the integral and non truncated communication, and, with extreme care, taking all necessary precautions not to let them run away, to gradually move them over here, on this side, into our current existential volume, where those crystals and those luminous wave stretches will commence to swell, to open and to expand like buds in springtime that become “April leaves”.

They will start to create new outlines, new “looks” and new facets of reality.

In my way of monitoring the situation, in a fairly complicated balance, I focus on the “Field of the still not pronounceable things, of the things that cannot still be said”, on the “Field of the things that could already be said” and finally on the “Field of the things that are urging to be said”, trying to notice in time when “something” moves from one field to another.

And reacting with no delay when it’s time to say what urges to be said, as soon as the green light comes on.

“I then left so suddenly
that I didn’t have the time to say goodbye
a short instant but even shorter
if there is a light running through your heart”

In the video clip of Adriano Celentano’s “Rainbow” I particularly like the scene where different things and fragments of creation fall down, like falling stars, quite randomly, and then they are packed into a suitcase and the rainbow, with a quick and easy movement, grabs this suitcase and immediately a train running towards its destination is seen.

I feel at the same time a beneficiary, an observer and also a co-author of a miracle, but not of an artificial miracle like «Deus ex machina», but of a miracle that has a more interactive, more diluted and also more human genesis and that covers a 360 degree view and for which I care very, very much.

By the way, not long ago, I picked up with the “corner of my eye” a completely new condition: as if this primeval core of light into which the “Ambassador of the Skies” “lives” at a vibrational level and where I have the privilege to “see” him and communicate with him, now started to expand, to spread and to swell, forming around it new shells, new vibrational states that will be perceivable by normal people, by the people that, unlike me, are not inserted into the Earth’s core. 🙂

And then it will be possible to directly “inhale through the atmosphere” this condition of love and truth and crystal purity of sensations”, it will be possible to pick it up through anything, it doesn’t matter if it is little or big, even though, obviously, each one will have to autonomously decide when and if to “betray” his own old way of thinking and feeling, if to be seduced or not by the light and by so many buds of the New that are now sprouting on all sides.

At the end, I will allow myself a declaration that is both a prophecy and a personal promise: the wider and intense will be the interaction between my specific arteries and shapes of transmissivity and his specific ones, the quicker this transversal field of love and truth created by the convergence of our two rainbows will spread throughout our planet and will be able to host many, many frames of every-day life.

“I became if evening sunset …”

As also confirmed by the picture that “by chance” I chose some time ago as background for my blog …

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