Riding the waves… (first part)

Hello everybody!

Since the publication of my last article, magic and extraordinary things have kept happening on our planet: the problem is that we keep not seeing with clarity these magical and extraordinary things because our perceptive system is still not tuned and adjusted well enough.

Some months ago the idea of abandoning the unique “Russian track” as the only way to move through the space of the new reality – that reality that by now is felt on a daily basis by our body and our thoughts, under our feet and above our heads – became more and more pressing.

The idea was that of involving also the energetic characteristics and the wave nature of other languages into the process of accompanying, reflecting and “recalculating” this movement. The objective was that of arranging a wider, more redundant and more synergistic monitoring system, for now exploiting in particular the Italian and English ways of vibrating and “happening”.

The structural reorganization of the site to accomplish this transition from one language to several languages has taken a fairly long time, in a way illustrating our not always coherent and linear progress from our archaic and compressed existential states toward more evolved, complete, expanded, multidimensional and “multivolume” states.

Towards those states where the energetic curvatures of our “thinking-feeling” and our gift of the word become a kind of personalized keyboard, unique and made to measure, with a specific set of keys, characters and symbols that we can use to learn the art of generating and applying our ideal conditions of interaction with the external world.

This migration from the condition of “under-manifested” persons to that of “fully-manifested” persons, i.e. with a true sense of himself expanded and manifested in all of its greatness, is already fully under course, even though everyone has his own specific navigation plan to reach the Whole.

Currently, with increasing strength, the “ether” encourages every kind of interaction and exchange among these specific navigation plans, it urges them to share their fragmentary discoveries and intuitions, in such a way to create a kind of “distribution of the wave work”, a complementarity, a “warm embrace of solidarity” among different conditions of correct “thinking-feeling”. And this despite the fact that, or exactly because, each one of these conditions is still under development and doesn’t precisely know how to focus itself in the external world.

Our portal, with its new modular structure allows each linguistic version to quietly and undisturbed live in its “ondular magic little house” and generate, accordingly to its specific vibrational characteristics, its unique and unrepeatable pattern of “Spiritual Karaoke”.

But at the same time, it grants the connection to the “General Control Panel of the Second Advent’s Field”, and therefore is placed in a very favourable position to “take off” and become the voice, or even better, the “multivocal soundtrack” of the transformative wave.

But all these huge advantages, this “Pole Position” that we are occupying thanks to the will of fate, will not be sufficient alone, if they will not be accompanied by our personal efforts and engagements, by our capacity of sharing our “gifts” with other persons, of letting our specific waves flow harmonically toward the ocean, instead of trying to keep them for us in the vane hope of miraculously transforming our shell into a kind of oasis.

We must learn to “execute and interpret” our existential experiences in such a way that they become scores inside the transmissivity’s global orchestra, that they develop such stereophonic effects and “echoes” that we could never have even imagined, in our life of “separated and incomplete” beings.

And until we, whether we like it or not, will insist into enclosing our specific path towards The Light with a kind of rigid protective barrier, avoiding to transform the others into the witnesses and direct participants of what happens to us (to protect ourselves, for fear that the others won’t understand, for the habit of keeping our things for us, because we simply don’t know how to do it and for so many other reasons), avoiding to use their specific “ground connections” and “roots” as integral part of our specific existential landscape, all our experiences will keep leaving us partially unsatisfied and “cold”, as if something fundamental kept escaping.

These experiences will never allow us to see ourselves reflected in the correct light, because in order to have this correct light it is absolutely necessary to involve the entire orchestra, the whole spectrum of the “Earth-vision”. Until we won’t feel this visceral need of involving the whole world into “our personal affairs”, these affairs will keep being only half-real and half-alive, will keep being evasive, to idle, to obey unwillingly to our commands and will. They will keep showing us those facets that will make us perplexed and lost: this is because our local transmissivity is not sufficient to study in detail, recalculate and resolve these perplexities. The force, power and synergy of the entire network, of the entire orchestra is needed instead.

Therefore the more we will succeed into showing and displaying our personal contributions, the more all of us will be benefited.

And, speaking of personal contributions, I would like to introduce a formidable one, in my opinion.

Salli, the lady who has been in charge of realizing the software programming for this portal, several weeks ago wrote me a letter describing some of the technical aspects relative to the site’s reorganization. After the technical works have been progressing for a while according to their logic I suddenly saw her comments under a completely different light and interpreted them as a wonderful metaphorical illustration of the new state of things on the Earth.

First I will briefly summarize her original technical comments and then I will “read” them using an alternative interpretation key.

Salli: “Sites may be simple or complex. Your old site was a simple site, composed of a certain number of pages linked together: each page that is displayed on the screen also physically exists on the hosting server and each page must be created manually.

Complex sites, like our one, WordPress, are not formed by the pages that you see on the screen, but by the application programs that create those pages. And these pages are not generated as physical pages, but as virtual pages. Therefore, none of the pages of your site exists somewhere on the server as a separate file, each page is created from scratch each time somebody looks for it. For this reason, it is not possible to modify a certain page (e.g. “Irinushka’s Blog”), because it is dynamically generated each time it is requested.

The application programs produce the required output – e.g. the pink coloured background for, and only for, your articles – on the basis of the established criteria. And each object of a virtual page is generated by a specific program, one controlling the position of the pictures, another controlling the appearances of the characters, and so on. For this reason, WordPress, Joomla and the like are usually identified as “engines”, or CMS, i.e. Content Management Systems.

Therefore, in order to perform any operation on our site, writing articles, commenting them, modifying colors, shapes and forms, etc., you must go to the administration panel that dynamically handles the information set relative to the site, something that would not be possible in the case of a simple site, made up of separated physical pages.

Modifying WordPress operation may be accomplished in two ways. The first one consists in changing the parameters that define the generation of the page and offers many possibilities, but also has some limitations.

The second way to communicate with WordPress requires the utilization of some additional programs (so called “plug-ins”) that allow extending the CMS’ or engine’s basic functions. Also in these case there are “some stones hidden under the water’s surface” and some plug-ins, before becoming operative and reliable, drives us crazy and make us sweat blood…”.

Well, now I want to share with you my “enlightening parable”.

We could say that what each of us is trying to do is creating his own “complex site” of the earth reality, a site that is not anymore a static and heavy set of many separated physical pages forming up our existence, but a compact, fluid and dynamic existential frame, an integral and indivisible energetic-informative context, made up of the rays and curvatures of our “thinking-feeling”.

Our “thinking-feeling”, with its ondular nature characterized by a wide-and-not-truncated spectrum, becomes our platform and our “engine” that allows us to set the base criteria that will generate the various modes of being present on the physical plane, the “seemingly separated” pages and interfaces of our interaction with the surrounding world.

We empirically acquire the connection with our individual “Existential WordPress” and with the just born “engines” that from now on will determine our way of being, the format of our self-presentation to the world. Still in an empirical manner, we study them, we adjust them, we set them working (sometimes consciously and sometimes not). We evaluate the quality of our obtained presence, of that enchanted reality that we predisposed for us with our “thinking-feeling”, we try to identify those corrections and modifications that could be wise or necessary to implement and we go back to study our “engines” and existential programs in a much deeper way. And, in the end, we could even decide to find and use some plug-in, in order to extend our possibilities of creating and handling the sites of our interfacing to the world.

Our new “complex reality” is born like a wave, like a golden section of the existence built according to our unique and unrepeatable individual measures, like an “ad hoc” volume of space and time that is connected to our specific wave nature and speaks its language.

This dynamically generated volume of our presence in the world cannot be separated in simple, single static pages: in practice, it is our inner kinetics that we breathe out on the basis of criteria and targets deriving from our deepest nature.

When we need to arrange, to manifest or to openly confirm certain inner aspects of our being, we simply choose “to happen”, we allow ourselves to flow out into the physical plane’s vibrational range, creating a riverbed of events responding to our current needs.

We are the creators of our complex existential sites and, at the same time, we are also visitors and users moving through this space of a reality that is not static any more, but generated by our mental waves. And while we move, we can find new data and knowledge, better recalculate our energetic-spiritual profile, attract supplemental resources to our mill and find many new nuances of the language of the Whole.

And, of course, data and knowledge obtained during the navigation in our physical plane’s current reality, are subsequently processed and imported into our “engine” where we can use them to move to the next level, to develop new approaches and techniques for our “self-debugging” and “self-optimization” processes.

In this way we can lightly travel through our life, without loading ourselves with old stuff, with what is already withered, with what maybe once upon a time belonged to us and made us feel alive, but now has become an empty box that doesn’t breathe and doesn’t allow breathing. We can leave what has become another “not conductive pin” of our “existential connector” and therefore is not usable anymore for transferring to and from us new “fresh moments of Truth”.

Now we can afford relinquishing the old physical pages of our previous self-presentation to the world. Now we can generate new pages and interfaces that will be dynamically updated, recalculated and reconfigured by our “control unit”.

We can afford relinquishing artificial leather in favour of our splendid natural skin, elastic and strong, sensitive and protective, precious carrier of our innate, but still not completely developed, capacity of “grokking” (see the note at the end) and become one thing with the existence.

We can now “be” instead of “showing off”.

The difficulties reside in the fact that none of us has been previously taught the art of creating complex existential sites, nor their exploration techniques: therefore we will have to develop these capabilities in an empirical manner, using those “more or less accidental” circumstances that will be presented to us.

And this will be the subject for the following parts! 🙂

NOTE: the following two links provide some initial information about the word “grok”:

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