Riding the waves… (second part)

Speaking about how to create our complex existential site, just as a concrete example of these “accidental” means that can guide our individual self-learning process, I would like to submit to your attention a great Secret.

The “Secret” film, as explained by both the movie producers and the writer of the book the movie is based upon, exists from a very long time. But now this basic principle – The Law of Attraction, this undoubtedly correct, but generally scarcely utilized, receipt for a right and harmonic existence – starts to be applied at a completely different level and under conditions that are quite different from the past.

It is not anymore a technique that helps creating a kind of individual, made to measure oasis in the middle of a desert of incomprehension, contradiction and global uneasiness, but is an approach that makes us natural participants of the whole, thanks to the powerful embrace between the wave of our “thinking-feeling” and the Whole.

The “Secret” becomes the instrument for observing, under a very strong light, the appearance of many things up to now hidden in the shadows: our real capabilities and inclinations, the reasons behind our presence here, our specific ways of communicating with the Whole.

The “Secret” becomes the instrument for finding out and engraving our personalized interface to the new reality’s infrastructure and to the new existential operating system, both particularly in favour of the “thinking man”.

The new existential operating system, now that is becoming more and more clearly the dominant factor of the ether of the Earth, keeps transmitting unceasingly to “everybody listening” a message of this kind:

“I, the New Order of things, the New Operating System, am here, I already exist and I want to know who you are. Tell me your name using, to introduce yourself to me, the language of the Whole, the only one I can understand. And tell me what your desires are, because “your desires are commands” for me – and it’s really for this, to study and fulfill them, that I’ve been created Up There and subsequently I have been carried down here, into the space of your physical plane”.

The question is that now we should focus not on tangible and separated desires, but rather on our profile, our ideal existential frame, our optimal way to “be” and “happen”. We should focus on our “capacity”, our “happiness carrier”, our wave that we must use to surf the physical plane’s space, attracting to us and naturally and spontaneously inserting in our life flow the various Creation’s fragments that match our specific wave nature and that are sensitive to its call.

Obviously, the knowledge about our true nature and our “mission” does not come to us in a single “package”, but flows toward us gradually, in accordance with our throughput and our capacity of data assimilation and processing.

But already now, this limited and incomplete knowledge is not a hindrance to the generation of “super mega desires” that must, anyway, be compatible with and proportional to our capacity and our ideal scale of feasibility.

It is simply necessary to mentally separate the “I-that-is” from the “I-that-wants-to-show-off” and align our “I-that-is” to the Cosmic Space, involving it as a co-participant of the process of focusing and dynamically recalculating our true will.

The nice thing is that currently the response time has become a lot shorter and everything tends to be a lot quicker, interactive and excitable: this is axiomatic, since everybody receives precisely that reaction that he has “commanded” with his personal “thinking-feeling” background condition.

If he “commands” the confirmation of his skepticism about the fact that the monolithic and univocal reality of the Earth can be transformed into an archipelago of many different profiles and “frames” of manifested reality, he will have this confirmation.

If he “commands” the confirmation of the “it-is-impossible” condition, he will have this confirmation.

If he “commands” the confirmation of his fictitious I, he will get what he requires.

If he “commands” the condition of a specific knowledge coming to him, this knowledge will reach him in one way or another, perhaps using new channels that up to now couldn’t even be imagined.

We generate our “commands” according to the “resolution” of our existential screen, according to the range of the global pyramid of transmissivity that we are allowed to perceive with our “thinking-feeling”.

But the word “resolution” could also have a second meaning.

Before summoning the Genie of the Universe or the new Operating System or the Superior Forces with our requests, we must “resolve” the question with ourselves, we must allow ourselves to “happen” by means of this or that particular practical frame. Until we won’t have generated inside ourselves the authorization to proceed and the self-benediction to feel free to reach a specific target, the surrounding world will not be able to generate its authorization and support our inner kinetics with its oscillations, “coincidences” and external resonances.

The new operating system makes the “unfavourable circumstances” concept obsolete. Consequently, we are only left with neutral circumstances that, if we want, we can transform into favourable circumstances by sending to them our “identification signal”, our profile and the code of our authentic “thinking-feeling”, to excite them and stir up their interest, to charm and tame them so that they become “our things”.

In order to make a certain circumstance favourable, we will have to learn the art of speaking its language, we will have to make it understand who we are and why we would like to have it with us.

We will have to transmit the sense of our uniqueness, our faith in ourselves and the organoleptic characteristics of our “thinking-feeling”.

We will have to make it understand that “We are valuable” and that, if it will obey us, will support us, will vibrate in the same way we do, then it will be “valuable”, too.

And this is a magical call that no external circumstance can resist.

This warmed and vibrating with emotions mood naturally incorporates excitation signals that spread in all directions and, like a fishing-net, are able to capture and bring to us those fragments of Creation that pulse on our wavelength and can read our existential code and surround it with a friendly and loving embrace.

On the other hand, this warmed net of our “thinking-feeling” also works on the base of the opposite law, that of the “non-attraction” and “no-link” with everything that does not belong to us, that is unconnected and useless and therefore without attraction.

In a way that is at same time magical and natural, we “disappear from the radars” of vibrations and events that have nothing in common with us, that could never become “our travel companions”, that we could never tame and ennoble with the touch of our ondular nature, giving them a kind of presence on the Earth “added value”.

We could say that the current moment invites us to vibrate in anticipation: in my specific case this anticipation could be described as follows:

“I want to touch, excite and charm the events and circumstances of the external world, I want to raise them above their previous state; I want to “flow and happen” into the external world, so to transmit these melodies, chromatic spectrum and crystalline sounds that fill me up to the world. I want to transmit this joy of mine that sometimes is so strong that almost takes my breath away. I want to transmit my very specific sense of happiness that stays with me every day and every night, but is never the same, and in every instant is born in one of so many different shades and sometimes (by the way, why not so?) is born as a mix of perplexity and unknown, and presses, presses very much to be shared with the others”.

The state of anticipation of our ideal way of happening doesn’t mean leafing through the current catalogue of the already existing occupations and existential conditions to choose the items we like. It means listening to our inner music and dynamics – the one we must predispose an external accommodation for that will be at its rank.

We have the task of widening and completing this catalogue, inserting into it our specific modes of manifesting reality and not of doing the reverse, i.e. to bend, to twist and adapt at all costs to the existential codes of the current human database.

Because many of the things that we start feeling and thinking now, some needs and conditions of our transmissivity, the energetic and spiritual resources that we have, have never been manifested before in the world and therefore it would be totally useless to refer to analogies.

Many masterpieces of our manifested individual realities will be built from scratch and in such a way that we won’t have to worry about matching them with some prototype regularly registered at the “Office of the terrestrial existential conditions”.

Certainly, it will be possible to link some aspects of our sense of ourselves to some of the items currently available in that catalogue, but only provided that we will fill and charm these items with our deep nature, that we will reconfigure them according to our needs, make them “our things”.

Instead, other aspects will require “special” existential volumes. Volumes that, coming back to the complex sites metaphor, can be compared with those pages that are not generated and displayed each time we visit the site, but only in special cases and with restricted access permissions: this is the case, for example, when we want to manifest some of our very particular and sometimes very powerful “energetic-spiritual mixtures” in the vibrational range of the physical plane, mixtures that cannot be “breathed out” and “grounded” anywhere, but need dedicated and appositely equipped transmissive volumes.

Right now I’d rather say no more on this subject, except, perhaps, that these very particular characteristics and mixtures that need “special polygons” for being safely manifested and tested, will subsequently become a contribution and a starting point for a massive self re-education of the whole planet, for the development of ways of life so “advanced” that could not have been imagined by any science-fiction writer, even in his wildest fantasies.

And this base for our fantastic future is here already, among us, it surrounds us with its pre-manifested Light rays and curvatures, even though only a small percentage of human beings is sensitive to these rays, can frame them and set up a conscious dialogue between Light and matter.

But with each passing day, the amount of reincarnated Light on Earth increases with geometrical progression and while things progress in this way, it becomes more and more difficult for the people not to be aware of what is happening.

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