Riding the waves… (third part)

First of all a special thank to Mirella, the author of the picture above and a very close spiritual friend, for allowing me to use it in this context where it belongs so well!

The question left unanswered is: how do I in practice notice what is happening?

In order to be aware of what is happening, it’s not necessary to visit web sites speaking of the advent of the new reality or attend learning courses for “Light Operators” and the like. On the contrary, these and other opportunities and educational initiatives may provide a precious support to those already on their way, but cannot be the source of personal illumination.

And then, how can a “normal person” not even gifted with some extra sensorial perceptions catch the breathing of the new reality and follow its call?

Simply by taking his immediate surrounding reality as a starting point: starting from many small things, from apparently banal excitations and impulses that he meets every day and that, if he only looks at them with more attention and more open-mindedly, become his guide and Master for the exploration of the new reality.

Inside us is awakening a new sense – “the sense of ourselves right and correct” – that is based on the dynamic recalculation of our needs and possibilities inside our specific local system of coordinates and is fed by our energetic transmissivity nature.

This local sense of rightness and correctness could be defined as our personalized sense of measure of things. As if, while being busy with our daily things, we could at any moment extract this gauge, apply it to this or that practical frame and feel inside if the frame is all right for us, if it sounds good or not.

For example, we could feel if our current participation into a specific situation is right or wrong, if something is missing or in excess, if a certain phase could be accelerated or slowed down or even inverted or – why not? – simply skipped.

And what a vast field opens up for the application of the “right and correct” when taking into consideration our interaction with food! This is an aspect of reality that regards all of us, with no exception, and that is a perfect source for learning the basis of the new existential culture.

We must consider food as useful fuel for our whole energetic metabolism and for our way of being ourselves, for our “secret” that allows us to express our “I want” and “I am valuable!” by means of the external actions.

We must attract our “right” food and tame it, we must charm it with our uniqueness and our inner light, exactly in the same way as we must do with all other external circumstances that are useful for us, in such a way to change their “neutral” label to “favourable”, from “common” to “personalized”.

We must develop a new “food sense” that allows aligning and matching the volume of food that we are currently consuming with that volume of our comprehensive being (that of course includes other levels in addition to the physical one) that needs to be sustained, warmed up and fed.

We must develop the capability of “recalculating” and “reformatting” food, in such a way that what we eat, when entering inside (or already while waiting to do so), naturally and spontaneously splits into those particular exchange units (manifested light units) that have the same cut, profile, fluidity and organoleptic characteristics of our original energetic transmissivity, of our existential flow.
In this way, we will be able to use food as a precious ally that can speak our inner language and that is able to provide further support to our original capital while this is flowing out.

And what about the Word, another magnificent tool that we often neglect or underestimate and sometimes treat very badly, forcing it to work as a “silencer”, a “noise generator”, a “deceiving instrument” or an “acoustic decelerator”?

For the time being, the Word with its capability of creating oscillations, resonances, alternative interpretations and “truth moments” naturally takes the role of a universal key to the Wonders gate.

Furthermore, this is not a key hidden in who knows which secret safe, it’s always at our side, in our reach, it is sufficient to simply follow its naturally pre-defined and ready to expand and resonate curvatures to be brought in flight by it.

For example, a certain expression suddenly comes at our mind, attracts our attention, excites us, wants something from us. If we listen to it, if we answer its call and follow it, it will probably give us some kind of “present”, perhaps it will suggest something, a solution that we couldn’t grasp until then, an idea that we could realize, a new shade of our attitude.

And then, suddenly, we have a kind of “mini-insight”, we feel perfectly aligned with ourselves and with the existence, we feel with extreme clarity what is right and correct for us in that precise instant and also why it is so.

And then comes another “mini-insight”… and another one… and still another one – and the more often it will happen, the more capable we will become at catching and framing our local and personalized Truth moments and to use them to draw our right and correct existential path.

Probably, as we will become more and more expert at progressing through the existence using a set of many local and very small “I choose”, we won’t have to pull out our gauge of right and correct at every single step, when facing every single stimulus or excitation, because at that time this sequence will be managed in background, will be a natural part of the our personal “thermo-genetic” legacy, of our right way of happening.

But until when this new existential culture will have spread through the whole landscape of our planet, the dominant condition will be that of forward micro-stepping.

Anyway, coming back to our role of creators, but also of users of our complex existential sites, we could ask: is there, by chance, inside us a specific area where these new functions and attributes of our “control unit”, our “engines” and “plug-ins” reside? An area to which we could, perhaps, consciously address instead of leaving that “nature follows its course”?

Actually this area exists and is the zone comprised between the navel and the solar plexus, the area that is considered as the official residence of the third chakra – Manipura.

It’s there that our innate sense of dignity and our sense of being “masters of our existence” live.

People almost always tend to confuse the concept of their own dignity with other concepts, for example with their presence, or pride, or with the necessity of showing something to themselves or to the others.

On the contrary, we should focus on our sense of dignity as if it were an inalienable property of us that cannot be compromised or destroyed or doubted by any external factor. A characteristic that does not depend on the way we are treated by the others and that is not affected by our accidental calculation or evaluation errors. And that isn’t even linked to our good intentions or deeds (for example: I decided to do this good and right thing and therefore now I am worth more than what I was before, my dignity has increased).

Our sense of dignity is something that does not belong to us, in case we belong to it, and that now tries to expand inside us so to be the basis of our autonomy, of our relations with the external world.

This sense of our dignity is like a specific code or long lasting algorithm that feeds our know-how of “creators of wonders”: it’s our authentic acoustic signature, a vibrating tone that summons for us the favourable circumstances like a kind of spiritual Magic Fifer.

Now that the time to put in practice our hidden power is coming, the zone around the third chakra tends to expand, and also to clean up from the many layers of chaotic matter that have deposited there in the past years.

Our physical body is a bowl that with increasing insistence tries to align and resound in unison with the superior frequencies with the purpose of hosting them inside.

The problem is that this bowl is currently quite clogged and not particularly by the byproducts of the physical metabolism, but especially by the remaining of self-awakening processes that have started and then aborted or by the sense of dignity crushed by the heaps and aftermaths of the distorted and energetically impermeable references typical of the old database of human presence.

Therefore it’s not surprising at all if our body tries to communicate to us that something is wrong, not because a true illness is developing, but because our body is still full of “disgusting stuff”, of irregularities and maladjustments obstructing the regular flow of energy.

Our body is like a magic structure devoted to enchant, but still not powerful and centered enough to receive its own “winning lotto numbers”.

The third chakra’s zone is currently characterized by a very strong “seismic activity”: several conditions corresponding both to our old and new way of being present are living together in this zone. Underground whirls and excitations so strong to leave us dismayed breathe and press to reach the surface.

Manipura looks like a huge, golden yellow, parabolic antenna that attracts toward us our “gold reserves” and that urges us to transform them into “circulating cash”, into our existential golden section manifested through the everyday practical frames.

Lately, this zone tends to identify itself using the expression «Happy hours»; it proclaims itself responsible of making us reach the state of happiness. But this is a dynamic, not a static, state of happiness, a state of happiness that is built, tailored and perceived inside single ranges of feasibility, inside single work sessions that we carry on at the level of our existential sites.

The sense of our dignity, not completely developed and that we are not fully aware of yet, tries by all means to catch our attention, so that we can be continuously tuned in on it, and only on its basis, on the external factors we have to deal with.

In such a way that we can learn to put the mechanism of our legitimate will before these external factors, reconfiguring them according to our needs and purposes, instead of passively adapting to them.

At present, since we are still quite inexperienced in the utilization of the “secret existential technologies”, we are often compelled to run after the situations and to adapt them to our needs in a second or even third moment, instead of giving them the code and configuration of a “favourable circumstance” from the very beginning.

On the basis of my personal experience, when I’m involved into a certain situation that at first doesn’t seem fantastic at all or, even worse, I would like to reject, it is important, with the utmost urgency and without torturing myself with “resigning myself to the inevitable”, to try reinterpreting the overall picture of the situation.

I try to probe its energetic and mental conjuncture, to rotate it and to change its angle, to traverse it with the luminous diagnostic wave of my “thinking-feeling”, to find out which facets and fragments of the situation potentially “belong to me”. These are the facets and fragments that I can charm and catch with my conductivity and then use to increase the overall power of my presence in the world.

As a consequence of this reevaluation, my initial attitude toward the situation changes naturally and not because I am compelled, not because I forced myself with my willpower, but because at that point I simply got to feel those aspects of the situation that before were “mute and inexistent” for me.

And now that the situation speaks to me (perhaps not with all its facets, only with a few of them) I feel like taking it under my personal custody, to make sure that it evolves in a correct way, i.e. I take the responsibility and transform it into an ally and a journey companion toward the discovery of myself – a never ending journey.

Some time ago, in the article “The rainbow is my message of love…” I observed, with the voice of Adriano Celentano, that I have been transformed into “evening sunset”, “April leaves” and other “natural phenomena”.

At that time, perhaps, this statement was slightly in advance, while now it seems to me perfectly right and synchronized.

With each passing day, I more and more clearly feel like a “wave” that lives and moves in accordance with its natural movement logic.

I feel like a wave that flows and carries, a wave that attracts and is attracted, a wave capable of dynamically modifying its current section and profile, an integral wave that nevertheless can split into many smaller waves and can set up different flow rates and, if necessary, even become totally immobile.

A wave that is becoming more and more powerful, strong and voluminous.

A wave that knows, through its specific sense of the wave, that the world will have to deal with it: it simply knows it, and that’s that.

And if that volume of the complete and perfectly developed existential manifestation that I – the wave – need is at the end of the world, this means that the world will bend and refract the Light according to my legitimate will in such a way to create this specific volume at the end of the world.

In such a way that I will be able to live into it… and so that, by living into it, I can give my contribution to the increment of the overall volume of the manifested Light, for my personal and of the entire world joy…

Let’s go back once more to the metaphor of our complex existential sites that cannot be split into single physical pages, of the engines and plug-ins needed to draw and configure these sites to match our highest degree of self-achievement.

I would say that in this metaphor I see myself as a very particular plug-in, a friend of individual sites, of their engines and, obviously, of the individuals that create and implement all this advanced existential architecture.

A plug-in that on the one hand is still in a kind of “self-debugging” phase and on the other hand has already acquired enough autonomy to speak with the individual engines in their specific version of the language of the Whole in order to help them hooking at the Whole and optimizing themselves with respect to the Whole.

And, like a reputable and authoritative plug-in 🙂 I warmly invite you to become active participants of the virtual space of our portal by publishing your comments and, if and when you will like to, even open a personal blog.

Because, if you will unleash your “thinking-feeling” inside this magical territory, then the Forces that cooperate with this space and keep it under their protection, will be able to set and understand you from a much closer perspective and will be able to follow you more efficiently while you will act as creators of the sites of your presence in the world.

Plug-in’s word! 🙂

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