“Shine, shine, my star…”

When I saw this wonderful picture shot by Massimo a few days ago from one of the windows of our house, the impact was so strong that I couldn’t resist the impulse of building around it an adequate verbal frame drawing, to this purpose, from my current state of thinking-feeling.

What’s happening on the Earth?

It happens that the spectrum of the Stellar Rainbow (that I sometimes call Majesty, or Mega-Presence, or the Heavens Ambassador’s Wave or with still other names that I have to invent each time in order to say what I feel I have to say, but without damaging his balance) is bursting into our human existence, ready to live in it, to take his honorary residence on our physical plane and to become an integral part of our modus vivendi and of our modus operandi.

It’s a really huge force with unlimited power that is now literally bursting with its quivering impatience of flowing out, of “going out among the people”, of nourishing and rebuilding the energetic landscape of our world with its magical essence.

This force now doesn’t restrict itself to simply letting us know of its existence, but shakes and urges and fills our current vibrational space. It stimulates and tempts us with its stellar call that every passing day becomes louder and louder for our human ears: “Do you, old reality of the Earth, want to take me as your legitimate sponsor and co-author of all the wonderful things that will transform you into a “paradise on earth”? Tell me yes, please, tell me yes!”

Nevertheless, the answer “Yes, I will!” can only be given individually.

At the base of this huge planetary transformation and of the radical change of our existential culture there is the individual approach due to the freedom of choice granted by definition to every living individual.

Therefore it’s up to us defining, with our ondular thinking-feeling, the level and spectrum of intimacy inside our existential volume that we want and are ready to have with the Majesty.

We must decide the terms of closeness that we are ready to grant to the Majesty in such a way to be able to see it “with the naked eye”, perceiving it as our subjective and objective “living partner”, the partner to rely on, the partner to stimulate and excite, the partner with whom to dance the dance of the new order of things, of the new awareness, of the new and right “happening”.

At this point the discussion stops being abstract and directly moves to the practical plane.

How should I attract the Majesty towards me?

How, by means of which existential categories, should I introduce myself to the Majesty?

What can I (if I can) offer to the Majesty of so special and unique to stimulate Him to come closer to me, to take interest in me, to desire “staying with me”, moving at the unison with me, joining our two energetic transmissivities?

In which way can I transform the theoretically possible condition of living my existence as a kind of pas-de-deux with the Majesty into a really happening condition?

I think, in fact I’m sure, that what we must offer to the Majesty are not our specific human qualities and merits, but rather our deep essence, our ondular fluidity, our internal kinetic, i.e. our natural way of vibrating, of being, of happening.

That specific “I-don’t-know-its-name-and-where-it-is” that we are objectively responsible for at the level of the planet’s energetic net even though, from our subjective point of view, we still have difficulties into awakening it, deeply digging into ourselves, going deeper and deeper, under the many layers of deposits and encrustations of common denominators, under the various existential vademecums written by someone else on our behalf.

I want to cite some fragments of my correspondence with a friend who is also an active member of our forum.

I: “…And yet I think (in spite of the channeling messages, at least of those that I’ve read lately, stating that we must take without being embarrassed, because it’s right like this) that first of all we must manifest our intention to give and on this base only attract towards us the events and situations tailored for us and destined to be lived and interpreted by us and nobody else.

We must, in some way, find out and show off our specific way of vibrating, our specific way of exciting ourselves, of entering into self-combustion and reflecting the light. This is our intrinsic gift that – by the natural order of things – has been given to us for sharing with the others and that, therefore, we feel we want to share with the world, and want to do it for free, without explicit or implicit “do ut des” calculations, but simply because only through this unconditioned giving we will be able to really feel appreciated and reciprocated.

And this unconditioned need of giving generated by the impulse of our deep essence, this “spiritual pure gold” (that, unlike the metallic gold, can be made in many different ways and vibrational patterns) will in its turn attract towards us the exchange units that are mostly suitable for everyday use.

These will be the fragments of imperativeness, the incentives and the excitations of the right size and color that will be embedding the DNA of our existential plan and that, therefore, will do their best to help us framing it and following it, perceiving its call and its current needs.

It’s a kind of very pure and very high level enchantment that we put on the Majesty, on the Whole, using our intrinsic luminosity, our integrity, our true and authentic “I am worth!” as magical tools.

And this is a very different thing from simply “asking” (“Never ask anything to anybody, especially to those who are stronger than you; they will come to you with their offers, they will give you all you need” as Michail Bulgakov said in “The Master and Margherita”), isn’t it?

It’s not enough simply being the one asking and receiving what he asked for and then, possibly, thanking for it. It’s a lot better being a benefactor and the one ready to undertake the responsibility for… (and each one of us has his own particular section or vibrational space or living volume where he can be a benefactor, where he can manifest his primary responsibility, where he can excite the space with his ondular nature and create “routine miracles”).

And be this role of us, this program of us, this existential positioning of us, that attracts towards us the fluxes, the events, the situations that will benefit us, that will desire to stay under our tutelage…”.

She: “… It’s evident that it’s better to be strong and rich (of whatever) than weak and poor (of whatever). But what about our condition of “under-manifested” persons? It’s nice when a person knows his strengths and qualities, but what can do those who cannot see the right perspective, who think that they cannot do too much, who believe they are poor devils, while actually possessing treasures?

The association of ideas with the native peoples at the time of the Great Conquers keeps coming to my mind: the European conquerors could easily deprive them of their treasures by convincing them that those things were worth a lot less than the European products that they were carrying while, on the contrary, these were only a false splendor, an artificial (and often destructive) form of excitation.

Or is it that the human being already uses the mechanism of giving because this is his natural state, but exactly because this is a natural state, he doesn’t see it, he isn’t aware of possessing it and this condition prevents him from recognizing and taking the prizes and rewards that arrive to him in exchange, and in the meanwhile he is convinced of having existential problems and would like to express the desire of not having them, but doesn’t know how to do it?…”

I: “… Probably this is the question about which came first, the egg or the hen?

I mean, first of all I become aware of myself inside my specific and unique field/range of energetic transmissivity, I realize that I find myself into my personal System’s “slot” and this awareness naturally generates my need of unconditionally give that, on its turn, attracts towards me the right “Lego pieces” and existential “pixels”. Or, first is generated the state of unconditional giving and this impulse moves me into my legitimate “slot”, into my specific energetic field inside the System and then I start to live in it, to breath, to happen, to enjoy the condition of fully developed reciprocity with existence?

If I don’t remember wrong, for me these two conditions occurred more or less at the same time (November of 2007, when I anchored myself to the Earth’s Crystal Grids), but I suppose that things can occur differently for each one, depending on the person and his “task”.

About expressing desires, during all these months I’ve used and still continue to use this magical formula that I invented: “I want to be what I really am”. I want to will, I want to have, I want to do,
I want to serve what is natural for me (even though maybe I don’t know how to convert and generate this will in categories and attributes that are common for the human existence).

And the more I wanted to be what I really am, the more clearly I could see my deep nature, my energetic throughput, my specific way of oscillating and flowing and my natural mode of giving.

The more I wanted to be what I really am, the stronger developed in me the connection with my internal compass, whose needle, despite various atmospheric disturbances, mismatches and losses of synchronization, energetic silencers, sessions of misunderstandings and nonsense, etc., with great perseverance kept, and still keeps, insisting on its own version of the “North” (with “North” I mean the utmost and indisputable reference for all of my multicolored everyday flowing and happening).

The compass was declaring, and keeps declaring, that if I really want to be what I am, then I must go there in the direction indicated by the needle, “following the white rabbit”.

While I was learning to recognize and follow the voice of my internal compass, to lean on my internal stability, leaving out any “certain” external reference, sometimes I hit some still closed doors or I perceived as “livable” spaces that were still not so, spaces that, at their vibrational acoustics level weren’t already totally “blossomed up”, that were “livable on condition”. In this way I caused myself some bruises, I put my foot “on the rake’s teeth” (with the well known consequences), I acted like a kind of self-taught equilibrist moving on the tumultuous border line between what is “permitted” and what is “forbidden”, a border line moving with the wind…

This continuous empiric recalculation made me stronger and less dependent on the external references, whatever they were, even on those that, up to that moment, seemed so fundamental to be absolutely inalienable.

Driven by my internal compass, that, on its turn, was learning and becoming more and more skillful and powerful, I found out new shades and organoleptic characteristics of my “vibrational stuff” and I learnt to dose it, to “cook” it in the right way and to choose the right “receipts” to introduce it to the external world…”.

Now I would like you to listen with me to this musical piece:

Noir desir «Le vent nous portera»

«Je n’ai pas peur de la route
Faudrait voir, faut qu’on y goûte
Des méandres au creux des reins
Et tout ira bien là
Le vent nous portera

Ton message à la Grande Ourse
Et la trajectoire de la course
Un instantané de velours
Même s’il ne sert à rien va
Le vent l’emportera
Tout disparaîtra mais
Le vent nous portera

La caresse et la mitraille
Et cette plaie qui nous tiraille
Le palais des autres jours
D’hier et demain
Le vent les portera

Génetique en bandouillère
Des chromosomes dans l’atmosphère
Des taxis pour les galaxies
Et mon tapis volant dis ?
Le vent l’emportera
Tout disparaîtra mais

Le vent nous portera

Ce parfum de nos années mortes
Ce qui peut frapper à ta porte
Infinité de destins
On en pose un et qu’est-ce qu’on en retient?
Le vent l’emportera

Pendant que la marée monte
Et que chacun refait ses comptes
J’emmène au creux de mon ombre
Des poussières de toi
Le vent les portera
Tout disparaîtra mais
Le vent nous portera… »

Like in the case of Adriano Celentano’s “Rainbow”, the song that inspired one of my preceding articles, it looks to me that “Le vent nous portera”, independently from the intentions of its creators, spreads out and aligns very well to the current moment’s dynamics and becomes a brilliant interpretation of what is happening. This song, talking to our senses rather than to our rational minds, guides and educates us.

This “taxi pour les galaxies”, for example…

The time has come when our terrestrial “means of transport”, i.e. our movements, our daily routine, could suddenly become something else, too: an “extragalactic means of transport”, an effective and tangible connection between us and the Majesty, between our existence in our solid involucres and immortality.

The problem is only that these potential “taxies” have run wild obeying, in their crucial points, to the commands and adjustments provided by the Earth’s Crystal Grids, rather than to the directions and decisions of our rational mind and, as a consequence, it’s not easy at all to take place into them and let them carry us to our correct destination.

Unless we activate, for our approach to the existence, together with our rationality and common sense (that continue to have their validity anyway, simply they are not enough) also another component of our being and of our energetic transmissivity: the so-called Superior Irrational (not to be confused with the common irrational that is undoubtedly a good that the Earth could export to the whole Universe, should ever arise a request for such a product! 🙂 ).

And where can we find this Superior Irrational?

By allowing to our “assemblage point” (using the Carlos Casteneda’s terminology that in this context seems to me very appropriate, I would only add the word “crystal”, our “crystal assemblage point”) to wake up and to educate us and make us understand who we are.

At least, by allowing it to help us noting our specific glittering gold particles, scattered here and there, so that, by analyzing their consistency and configuration and other data, we can gradually go back up to our existential gold deposits, as gold diggers do. Go back up to the source of ourselves.

When we get in touch with our “existential gold section”, even with some small particle of it, we start to feel the difference between the language of the Awareness and the simple way of human thinking, “rigid and limited”.

The language of the Awareness, of our wide and not-truncated thinking-feeling, makes it magically disappear from our inside the “persuasion of being always right”, the claim of being the unique bearers of the truth, because a great revelation arrives: in the conditions of the global energetic net, truth is nothing else than a “regulator of current traffic”, a bridge, a “thermal flash” of our existential energetic metabolism, a real-time picture of our dynamic auto recalculation. Instead, it’s not a separate thing, something rigid and lasting, i.e. it’s not a “fixed plant” for judging the others and inevitably feeling separate from them, since their truth will never be equal to our one.

« Ton message à la Grande Ourse
Et la trajectoire de la course
Un instantané de velours
Même s’il ne sert à rien va
Le vent l’emportera
Tout disparaîtra mais
Le vent nous portera …»

« A velvet snapshot », our current moment of the truth, our current mini-enlightenment…

This is the current curvature of our wave, that has formed up in this precise moment and allows us to naturally feel joined with the Whole, “grokking” it and rebuilding its current project at the level of our current thinking-feeling, allowing the Whole to become and be part of our individual range of feasibility.

But this “velvet snapshot” “works”, “is hot” and “speaks” only during that particular instant (that anyway, from a technical point of view, can last something more than a single instant!) and then it disappears, brought away by the wind, leaving room for new ondular curvatures that we will meet and speak to, developing other “snapshots” of our transmissivity, different from the previous one.

Therefore, when we find out that this new formulation of ondular existence has naturally been born inside us, when we understand that if we are right this doesn’t mean at all that the others are wrong, and that therefore we have no more reasons for suffering for the others’ incomprehension and that we must not feel anymore the visceral need of defending and diffusing our point of view because the “wind will take it away anyway” and this is right, in short, when we understand that we must not prove anything to anybody, but we can simply relax and dance with the existence our pas-de-deux, riding the wave of our natural fluidity, then we have made good progress, we can really be proud of ourselves.

And, at this point, we could try making another unusual thing.

We could try perceiving this current moment of truth and union with the Whole, this current mini-enlightenment, not only as a simple mental comprehension, as a click that puts things in place, but as a kind of melody or internal rhythm, as a mood that would like to be “sung” or “danced” or “executed” by us through some external movement in accordance with our way of being present.
Like a kind of pure and crystal clear imperativeness, born inside us, that now urges us to bring it out and introduce it to the world.

At this point I want to propose a kind of self-test that could help you building your specific existential interfaces with the Majesty.

As a hint, we take this (once upon a time?) very common form of greeting of the English language:

«Нow do you do?»

Something equivalent to “Hi! How are you? What’s up?” etc. but those words could also be interpreted in another way, playing with their “literal translation”:

«Нow do you do?» = “How do you do it (what you are doing)?”

“Let me understand how your transmissivity system works, tell me the secrets of your internal kinetics, of your way of managing the excitations, of vibrating, of happening…”.
“Let me see who you are, how you are done deep inside, help me being in synergy with you…”.

And now try finding out towards what (towards which aspects and components and existential earthly manifestations that must not necessarily be those of the interpersonal relations) it seems to you that you would like to address this kind of primordial greeting coming from the deepness of you soul.

Try perceiving that vector, that arrow that indicates your true priorities, the manifestations and existential facets that attract and interest you at “visceral level”, those with which you naturally feel a desire to deal with, with which you feel a kind of “metaphysical relationship”, of vibrational relationship.

The more honest you will be when generating this spontaneous and unbiased structural greeting to the living and then recording the specific destination addresses towards which the clear and undistorted streams of your being tends to flow to, the closer you will get to the “sender”, to yourself as a source, to what you really are…

In accordance to this logic: “if I feel that I can naturally resonate with this and that, if I want to naturally embrace with my thinking-feeling, with all myself this and that, then I am the one who…”.
I don’t know with what you could replace those dots. Maybe nothing. Maybe some preliminary trace of an answer. Maybe something that cannot definitely be put into words…

But in all cases it will be a way of signaling to the System that you are ready to play, that your individual excitations recognize themselves as an integral part of the new existential Operating System and of the global energetic net, that “your browser’s software” presses you to abandon the old existential modes of understanding and willing and to replace them with something different.

And then, exactly as it happens with Windows, the System will diagnose your current state (the current state of your browser, of your ondular nature) and will propose the “updates available for installation”.

But differently from the standard updates that you can download through the Internet, the System will only propose to you strictly personalized updates that cannot be shared or exchanged with other users.

Because we are not equal at all, even though we all live on the Earth.

And obviously, going on with the logic of this IT metaphor, you are always free to decide if and when installing the updates proposed to you by the System.

For example, you could answer something like “I’m busy now, I prefer to decide later”.

And nobody will urge you because it’s extremely important that each one follows his own natural rhythms during this self-rebuilding phase.

On the other hand, if someone is excessively slow and idle (excessively not in comparison with someone else, but with his true self), the System could in its turn be contaminated by this very slow progress and adjust to it consequently.

And now I come back to my dialogue with my interlocutor who says that, at the moment, she still doesn’t know what “she owns that is so precious to be offered to the Majesty”. And she says this while every day, with spontaneous generosity and delicacy and without realizing it, she offers to the others, and to me, the access to her very powerful “vibrational diapason” 🙂 .

I: “… It seems to me that the key point is the ondular nature, even if in this moment I cannot explain it in a coherent way.

Do you remember Stephen King and his Langoliers?

I mean that particular revelation about a wave (the passage of a wave of a certain kind) that “excites and fully reloads the space” and consequently can, in a few instants, make livable a vibrational space where there is no life and vice-versa.

It is therefore possible that a certain space, a certain existential context, if it hasn’t been awakened, excited and then reconfigured in its elementary energetic particles in accordance with the needs of our ondular nature, can be, when we get in contact with it, very uncomfortable for us, full of “lost in translation’s” or simply void, even if in itself it is perfectly livable.

And then it’s probably not the case of trying to “manually” put in order our existential space, wasting a lot of energy and obtaining very scarce results. A different approach should probably be used, i.e. the ondular one consisting in breathing out our original legitimacy, what we really are, to “charm” and excite with this magic and omniscient wave the external reality space and to awaken it to our frequencies.

We must organize, embrace and fill the external space with what we are, with the wave of our strong, free and heated thinking-feeling.

We must excite and mould it in accordance with our right and harmonic modus vivendi, filling it up with events and processes that are closely related to our energetic transmissivity and to our mental conjuncture, with events and processes that we can live as a perfect manifestation of our feasibility, of our operative cycles .exe and .com.

I am sure that only a wave reflecting our “I want to be what I really am”, our “I want to be present in the world in accordance with my natural vibrational state”, can be correct, legitimate and beneficial.

Only this kind of wave is able to transform a space previously uninterested and indifferent to our needs and requests into a space that we can live in, tailored on our shape and appearance.

This “I want to be what I really am” is, for me, at the same time a will and a natural manifestation of our way of giving, differently from the simple: “I want this and that, give me this and that”.

It’s a will born as a manifestation of our true sense of ourselves, of our self-dignity, of something truly and undoubtedly precious that is inside us (I mean precious on a universal scale) that allows us to expand in our full stature and to feel at the same level with the Majesty, instead of having the role of a poor thing that begs the Greats of the World (in the widest sense of the word) of generously granting him some of their favors.

And the Majesty, differently from the European conquerors with the poor natives, has come on our planet not to cheat us, but to teach us to recognize our true treasures and to handle them in the right manner.

I look again at the picture that inspired me to write this article and reflect on what I could personally give to this Stellar Rainbow, to this incalculably powerful Luminosity, to this ondular Mega-presence that, for what concerns me, covers the whole horizon.

I can give ALL.

I can give my specific stability and the whole spectrum of my intermediary functions (a spectrum that I myself only know in a very limited manner) and my specific way of self-combustion and various techniques and approaches that are prearranged in the arsenal of my energetic-spiritual array to generate the “small, medium and big size miracles” and many, many other things.

Because this is my background, my “North”. My “I want to be what I really am”.

From a russian song:

“Without me, my love
The Earth will be too small for you, it will be like an island.
Without me, my love
You will have to fly with one wing only …”

And now, if you like, you can listen with me to another Russian song, the famous romance “Shine, shine, my star” that gives the title to this article.

This song exists in many versions and arrangements, nonetheless I haven’t found yet my perfect version, the one that most closely reflects the state of my thinking-feeling and of my existential oscillations.

For now, I point out this link to you:

And what about the translation? In this case, I would say that it is not essential at all and could very well be limited to this line: “The rays of your celestial force illuminate my whole life…”

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