Irina Bergo “Heaven has come down to Earth”

Some time ago I’ve been proposed an interview for a provincial russian newspaper. I accepted and we did the interview via e-mail. Now I publish here the content of this interview, without modifications and including the editorial staff’s note and the mini-headers inserted by the journalist in order to separate the subjects.

Famous psychic Irina Bergo is certain that we are going through an era of global changes and that not only our health and happiness but, in fact, the future of the entire planet depend on how we enter into the altered picture of the world…

Our note:

The world knows Irina Bergo as a clairvoyant and healer, but she modestly calls herself an informational medium. Some of our readers know about her web-site “Irinushka” which got its second wind this year, her three books published in electronic form and also numerous published articles. Thanks to knowledge and advice from Irinushka many people have gained the possibility of a real revival because they started to look on life and their place in the world differently.

To interpret the new reality Irina had to involve a new way of using language. At first, Irinushka’s responses may appear somewhat incomprehensible to the reader. However at times it is enough just to read carefully in order to perceive, without dictionaries and translators, this unusual way to express thoughts and also to «taste» the new reality which has come to Earth.

«This is what happens with me…»

Perhaps what I am going to say during this interview will come across as “sawing the branch one is sitting on”. The “branch”, in this case, is the sight (clairvoyance) and to be broader – supernatural (extrasensory) perception, ability to capture something that is beyond the border.

What is this border?
It is the line between the physical level of events and other levels which are outside the direct connection with the «real life» which had existed throughout the centuries. This edge exists here and now but not in a form of a rigid boundary anymore.

That’s what I would like to talk about, as well as the monumental changes taking place on our planet. I would like to tell the reader, delivering it through my own understanding, my specific extrasensory perception and those metamorphoses which I am going through and which reflect the global metamorphosis.

What are these metamorphoses?
We live in an era of global changes; we are witnessing it all and at the same time we are directly involved in radical changes in the world’s setup. In modern times everything changes and individual connection with the higher realms becomes a natural attribute of human existence, in the same way as the possession of the five basic senses.

Now let’s get back to the beginning, to the time of you becoming a clairvoyant…
Well, let’s get to the beginning then.
It happened in my thirties. I’ll tell you at once that metaphysics and subtle matter interested me very little. But only until I faced them, as they say, «head on». In that part of my life that lies before this point, I was a resident of Moscow. After graduating with distinction from the history faculty of MHU and defending a thesis in the modern history of France, I built for myself a more or less successful scientific career. Then, tired of the conditionality of the academic environment, I left to become a free-lance interpreter and at some point, moved to Italy where initially my life was moving at a more or less normal pace and then something happened with me.

I used to work as an interpreter for the training program «Teach the Teacher», organised by the European community for teachers of Russian universities which would facilitate the integration into civilian life of retiring military staff, teaching them various civil occupations. One day one of those students had a visitor – his wife, a woman with incredible inner beauty and charm who was also a psychic, a healer and the author of her own technique of teaching «ordinary mortals» the basics of extra-sensory perception.

When I talked about this woman to my close Italian friend, Massimo, who, unlike me, was interested in the unknown from childhood and who assumed that he possessed a dormant psychic ability, he immediately felt an urge to meet her.

Then the whirlwind of events picked us up and a couple of months later I went with him to Russia – to learn extra-sensory perception following that same technique.
To be more precise Massimo was the one who intended to learn it and I was with him as a translator. However from the very first moment this woman, who we later came to call our godmother, began to involve me too, ignoring my doubts and wailing that it would not work for me.

She said to me:«You’ll see, Irinushka, it will come out right, you just do not know yourself yet…»

Around the tenth day of training when we «ascended to the summit» (reached the expanded state of the consciousness) she suggested that each of us would formulate a question: what is the main problem of this or that person, and then try to pluck an answer from whatever is broadcasted.

I focused on Massimo continuing to feel uncertainty at the back of my mind («it is unlikely that it is going to work out but I’ll try»). Then suddenly in my head swept pass the phrase: «He is too fast for this world» and I instantly realized that this phrase was not mine and it could not be mine by definition…

So that’s how I felt for the first time when a distinctive idea had been breathed into my mind – it was like the touch of an alien mental wave connecting with my mind.

Simultaneously I acquired the ability to differentiate between «local» and «non-local» thought (if it was mine or came from the outside).

That moment I might say that I transformed from Irina into «Irinushka», an aerial capable of picking up an integral mental wave coming from outer-space.

Right fish falls into one’s hands

How does your clairvoyance differ from the commonly known clairvoyance?
My clairvoyance (to be more specific it is mostly clear-hearing, although the visual channel I also use sometimes) was born as a prologue and an introduction for the transformations on Earth which are happening nowadays. From the very beginning it was focused on the following: to endow us with a basic knowledge of how the «big world» is arranged, to form connections between «what is now» and «what is going to come». To assist us not so much with that current state which we were in, as with regard to the future growth, to help us aligning with those future perspectives that at that time we could not see yet, but our guides could.

Accordingly with my «avant-garde» clairvoyance I was like «odd man out» and I felt like some kind of “Martian” among my potential colleagues. I did not fit into the existing sections and categories. Incoming information which I was receiving was directed toward rather teaching us the basic principles of how to construct our «fishing rods» for catching the “fish” (practical information) than giving (to me and those who contacted me for informational help) «already caught fish for dinner». These «fishing rods» were put together de novo each time depending on what subject was viewed because the interaction with the global informational energy field can not contain standards and cliché, «assignments and bias». Each situation of each individual is always unique and not similar to the situation of other people.

Every time when I tune in to look through one or another subjects I do it «from scratch» forgetting all that I had known until this moment.

The thought put into words is… the truth

You have your own special vocabulary, your own terms. Where from and how did they come to you?
Yes, it is hard not to notice the peculiarity of my vocabulary. One person is discouraged by it, another person, in contrast, is drawn to it. Imagine that «at the wave of a magic wand» you draw up a wave from the sea which falls down upon you, showers you with a certain amount of semi-liquid stuff and then backs off leaving you this suspension as some kind of informational half-guided “do-it-yourself”.

That’s what happens, these waves from the global informational energy ocean fall upon me. Each of them has its own pattern, rhythm and specific content.

My task is to make this whole extraterrestrial informational richness speak in our human language in order that this current «moment of truth» would be vocalized into «human coding».

Whereas human language, in comparison to the language of The Thinking Universe, is very poor. It has a limited and insufficient number of «pixels» for transmitting all possible shades and nuances. Thus, I had to implement my own specific language, inventing various neologisms and resorting to extensive use of metaphors and modified words.

The process of my daily interactions with the Word, its melody and polyphony, is incredibly creative and captivating, and I am pretty confident that major discoveries are still to come. Not only for me but for all of us, residents of the physical realm, will have to master the skill of using the Word – the Word conceived and the Word expressed – as a working tool for creating our external reality as physical representation of our own inner kinetics.

You say that you get the information in informational packet form. How does it work? In response to your specific inquiries? Do these responses contain specifics for a person?
Of course, upon receiving the information I proceed from the specific requests. For instance, I would act on what a person outlines as the living focus, as their current clot of problems. The answer is just a wave with embedded explanations from the higher realms about those moments which, from their point of view, this person really needs in order to move forward in their development and gain his/her true sense of him/her-self. Specifics, if and when they come, are given as a kind of launching pad that the person can exploit to «take off and soar» in its own thinking-feeling. These specifics are not something apart, but are always built into the higher-order components of a cognitive course.

Who are your “conversational partners” from the higher realms?
For designating them I prefer to use the wording «My workspace». The point is that I tune in to certain frequency ranges and vibrations and concentrate on the integral mental waves proceeding (emanating) from them, rather than to specific interlocutors. For me it is not important how those who are on the other side of the «line» define themselves (all the more we cannot verify the data anyway), but as far as actually the received information from them will prove to be useful for us.

During the last few months I increasingly derive tunings and guidelines for forming of my current outline’s definitions directly from earthly broadcast, «from Earth’s atmosphere». That is because now there is no need to «crane your neck» in the hope that heaven will provide us with guidance for the reason that «heaven came down to the ground» turning into «heavenly land». Now, this «heavenly land» we have to cultivate, colonize and reveal with our practical «bodily movements».

Second birth

How and when did the web-site appear and how did your books which can be found on the web-site come to be written?
The old site emerged as a need to share with the world my discoveries and outbursts of truth. At the time I was fully occupied with providing individual counselling. In the process of that work any received «clots of novelty» were systematized in the form of articles by me. Then I formed those articles into three books which you can find in the site’s archive site.

By the end of 2003, I found myself being drawn into the orbit of the started on Earth epoch-making transformation and I became its «informal chronicler».
The individual counselling had to be temporarily abandoned because the Earth’s background became unsteady and roaming, constantly integrating in itself new settings, continually rebooting, altogether it was a real «energy chaos».

However now the gradual descent of the new reality on the Earth’s physical realm has been completed and there starts the most important, for the sake of what everything was undertaken for – our integration into this very new reality.

On the 31st of December 2007, exactly on New Year Eve’s night, I posted an official notification that my old website and forum have exhausted their functions and consciously were taken to «the transition era’s museum», passing the torch to a new learning and self-learning space:

A new website portal came into existence as a very specific virtual space for tracking, testing and understanding the novelty which arrives to us into our human home, the Earth’s physical realm.

To become a wave

What is the reason for, as you write, our current residence on the planet being «under-manifested»? What specifically it is about?
The “Under-manifested” earthly way of life (also the term under-developed is good, like in the case of a not fully developed photography) is literally in everything – both in the main things and small ones. Starting from the fact that we incarnate into the physical realm and, as a rule, we do not know who we are, why we are here and what our life purpose is. We live being completely cut off from our own spirituality and immortality. At the best, by some sort of indications, we only surmise about their presence within us.

We go through life, originating/building not on how we are arranged inside but from all possible common denominators and tables of weights and measures (quite often illusory). We do not know how to really think, wish, make choices and have fun, «relieve our feelings». We are incredulous to the world in general and to our close neighbour, yet at the same time we willingly allow ourselves to be brainwashed by all kinds of suppliers of the «not exactly fresh truth».

So how can one learn to really think, wish, have fun? What are the criterions of the rightness?
It is necessary to allow being “transformed into a wave”. Interact with the world on the basis of our expanding wave nature (a hitherto unknown and unprecedented state for us) which is set in such a way as to carry us through life in the right and harmonious direction for us. It endows us in the «just in time» («real time») mode with the knowledge, capabilities, connections and adjustments which are necessary for to us in any one moment. It protects us from the unproductive (for us) burdens and cataclysms.

What does it mean to become a wave? How to explain it? How to understand it?
You cannot… understand it. Our earthly life not in any way prepared us for this – «to become a wave». This is that very jumping from the tracks, changing the rails, in favour of something which does not fit into our minds yet but that, nevertheless, now becomes the guide of our earthly existence. You know, one cannot call things by their right names because these things (and states) are already here but their names and definitions are not in the human database yet! That’s why I have to bring into play the language of metaphors … and someone, just based on this mega-question: «How to become a wave?», would experience a «leap», configuration changes in the psychic’s «tuning system» …and insight would happen.

There is not gonna be the End of the World!

How the New reality is going to reflect itself in one or the other person, and when exactly is it going to evince itself?
Advent of the New reality to our planet, despite of not discussing this topic in mass media, nevertheless, is not like some “top secret” kind of event. In the Internet for example, one could find a great deal of publications on the subject of observation of different aspects of the process: prognoses on energetics, “Workers’ of the Light” popularizing activities, joint mass meditations and seminars on ezoterics, Indigo Children and New Age Shamans… You name it…

You can describe the spreading of the New reality on our planet as the installation of a New Operating System of Being – one that is much more integrated, compact, powerful, well developed, and much-much more “user friendly” than the existing one. Actually, what we are talking about here is of a total and unprecedented reconstruction of the entire spiritual and energetic dwelling space on Earth.

And this particular reconstruction is going on in “non-plugging-out the cord” mode so to say – thus, “the End of the World” scenario won’t be executed here.

But this kind of reconstruction is furnished with some corresponding side effects: great many intermediate “reloads” and moments of discomfort due to temporary synchronism loss. And intensity and profundity of those changes are so great that sometimes we feel like we are out of our own wits, and all mental “circuits” and “safety fuses” of ours (up to now apparently so solid and reliable), are gonna blow up right away.

I am the one and only, and I am – unique

Now, for the first time we’re discovering the “Great World”. The New reality is the new one only for mankind – just because before now we weren’t and couldn’t be together with “what is there”; the physical plane of Earth existed in a kind of self-isolation, it existed in a low-frequency mode beyond translation into the language of the Whole.

The what is going on with our planet now appears to us in some stereophonic wave mode, which is very hard to take into our habitual manner of thinking and attitude. We’re used to live in 3D world – but now we have to discover and find ourselves in a multidimensional world, in a very different power plane, where formal mental canons and perceptions of ours just don’t work anymore.

Probably, the main trouble is, that all of us are being strongly advised of stopping using analogy methods and “common mirrors” just because every one of us is so exclusive and one of a kind, and what’s going on with us – it’s always going on in first person and is always singular (I am) and, despite of possible moments of surface similarity, with other people all this is, of course, very much different. So, what we’ll have to do in New reality is developing our new life tour books and manuals proceeding from ourselves, relying only on ourselves, but not on some outer points and common denominators. Much more so – that these outer points are very much illusory. And in this situation there actually cannot be and are none of those super reliable bunkers and shelters where you could hide perfectly safely, like you do during the hurricane, and climb out afterwards and very carefully and fastidiously peer into the changed face of the earth… Like: “Well-well, let’s see what we’ve got here with all this perestroika”…

But anyway, personal freedom of choice is still there, so each and every one of us chooses proper rhythms and suitable navigation modes only by themselves, so they could build into the System, to become a component of the Global energy-informational network. Upon official logging into the System we start living and vibrating in synergy with it (reacting to the combined influence of several components at the same time); we start enjoying the rights of using its very unlimited resources to build our own specific “song and dance clubs” in there and receive our answers accordingly.

For me, personally, connecting to the System, which event took place about a year ago, appeared as an enchantingly wondrous connecting to the “data-field of Love” – ecumenical power, which I did remarkably ignore until that moment, and without which I cannot imagine my entire existence now.

And now, within this field of Love, some specific “Love stories” events are going to start their origins, Love stories in a wide term, in a context and course of applied eventness, based on Love, on Love vibrations, on the wide-frame mutual affection with existence. And this now is so very much close to what we call the state of “full-manifested existence”. It is impossible to comprehend this state – by head; it is only possible to sense it – with your heart of hearts. And those senses will be existent and uniquely personificated for each and every one of us, they will be there in one and only “author’s” copy.

Life in the “Common Miracle” mode

Is this the Aquarius age astrologers are talking about? And what game rules stop working in this New Age?
You can call it different ways; The Second Advent, for example.

What’s to rules withdrawn from circulation – well, the main thing is probably our eternal subordination to outer circumstances. Now, because of our awakening inner spiritual dynamics, we become fairly stronger than outer circumstances; now it works backwards – not we are following them now, but they are following us, obeying to the power of our mind, our will and our innermost wishes.

What should be done to put this fabulous mode to work in one’s life?
To start living in this now natural mode of “Common miracle”, one should stop overreacting to the Outer and finally realize that the main base of our own existence is in our own Inner! Moreover, you should put it into your own head through auto training or maybe even self-zombification, to realize, to feel with your very being, with that every little cell of yours that “this is truly so and there’s no other way”, to be exact. And then, we can start dancing from this inner stove of ours – “to dance starting from the stove” is a Russian expression for “going back to the origin”, in our case to our original vibrations – using the Existence as your sponsor and your partner, transforming our life into a kind of mobile enchantment created by our inner unique and unrepeatable rhythms.

Please, give us some hints – how to do that..?
Do you remember how Cinderella gathered herself for her Ball? Under the touch of kind fairy’s magic wand – a plain pumpkin turned into a nice carriage, mice – into beautiful horses, a rat – into carter. And this is a good illustration of how to use some certain conditions and motions undertaken, perhaps, in some very everyday context in such a way they become some kind of a portal and means for your transition onto higher levels of causeness’ hierarchy. So, in proper view, to be able to come through the portal, we have to bear on us some trade elements, the ones, that are consonant and equal to us, of who and what we are, to our inner transmissivity, therefore, to possess them, we have to capture our “mice” and grow our “pumpkins” here.

Key to a miracle – be your Authentic Self

This is so complicated…
You know, there’s one famous principle: That which is above is from that which is below, and that which is below is from that which is above.

So, usually, it’s not given to us – to get close to our superior analogue and to its high frequency vibrational field. But if we create (or calculate) some down-to-earth path or movement (of our attitude) which is right for us exactly, this attitude, through resounding with the high frequency analogue, will enchant it, will excite it, will attract it and will connect it to the low frequency carriers. Lightly speaking – being true and easy in our everyday life, we have a chance to draw our own destiny threads, our own Inner causeness our way. We’ll have an opportunity to manage them through our own usual down-to-earth stuff.

Now, let’s get back to our mice and pumpkin. All of them must be in good condition. While a rotten pumpkin – as a plain pumpkin vegetable – could cost us just a little disappointment in our casual daily life, being a bad carriage, it will bring us much and much more bad headache. I mean, that everything we do, all our ways we use to get to our goals, all of this must be consonant and congruent to us and our deep nature! Otherwise – the pumpkin will remain just a pumpkin but not the passage way to the high frequency levels because there is no such magic wand out there that could allot it with what only we ourselves should allot it with – the quintessence of us own… When you’re going through life trying to be who you really are, if you are true to yourself, if you’re anxiously listening to yourself attempting to learn your predestination instead of tying yourself all over with the necessity of being like everybody else – then you already are living in the “common miracle” mode: you make yourself useful, you’re pursuing your true goals and meet your own wishes. And then – our deeds, even if they are not very significant from aside, start serving us right and “boom all over the Universe”, meaning, they “boom” not just causing a loud sound but that they will be gladly answered by every quantum of terrestrial and extraterrestrial frequency space both.

But how – and is there any way a normal person could possibly catch the breath of New reality and answer to it?
Well, there is – through leaning on all sorts of odds and ends of our everyday life, on every possible trivially-usual impulse and perturbation, that themselves can be, if we’re listening to them, of course, our guides and Teachers at the learning the New reality lesson. A new organ of sense arises, awakens inside of us – the “sense of our own local personalized correctness”. This sense could be also called our personalized sense of proportion, or our Inner Compass. Suddenly, we find ourselves caught by a first “mini-enlightenment”, we feel we’re perfectly “leveled up” towards ourselves and Being in a whole. We feel with utmost clarity what’s good and proper for us – right here and right now – and why. And then there’s another one “mini-enlightenment” episode, and another, the next one, and the next… The more this is happening, the more will be our success in mastering our skills in finding and catching our own “moments of truth” and using this base to form up our own “Existential design”. The point is – one should look at the ground level instead of watching the sky-highs…

What kind of future does open up to you – the probable one or the Only possible one?
Future – it’s always multi-variational. The Highest levels do think in scenarios, but here – scenario is not some handwritten text depicting cast, assigned roles, events and cues, but some kind of integrated context. So, inside this integrity a great many of different variations are allowed provided that the very primordial condition of stability that “vibration scenario” is based on is being observed.

According to this, I myself do never depict or predict the future as some kind of stiff-set scenario – I prefer just to present tendencies. These tendencies could change as well – as a result of our “moments of truth” and “mini-enlightenments”. But this is exactly the point of our earthly existence – the sweet point that is – and some element of suspense as well, meaning sense of hanging in (or out?) there, sense of uncertainty, indetermination if you will – the sense that EVERYTHING is possible. It’s really enough to just wish, but we have to wish with our own Inner and Deepest desire, tying this desire to what we really are, to draw the Existence as a sponsor and a partner to help us make our desires come true. The faith in ourselves will help us creating wonderful miracles!..

On the Crest of the wave

Does the New reality really change the main people’s values: what’s right, what’s Good, and what’s evil and sin (here – breaking the cosmic and human laws), what is the crime? What in this New reality should people pay for with their crushed destinies, illnesses, breaking of their plans or hopes?
This very formulation implying an artificial dismembering of life down to Black and White state, dividing it into Light and Darkness doesn’t even exist in the New reality. As soon as we stay in our own frequencies in the “Unity with the Whole” mode, we always are on the “right side”, on the “side of truth” if you will, and we use all our activities to interpret and refract all this truth and light through doing our deeds, through our vital movements. And these movements become “small and tangible monuments to Existence”, small “up with truth!” declarations.

The other thing is – all this truth is not some stiff stuff. Very dynamically, it does recalculate itself in every tiny instant, so we also, if we’d want to stay there together with all that truth including all her all-embracing luminous and healing rays, we should continually renew ourselves, and recalculate ourselves also instead of resting proudly on our own laurels.

The New reality, in the first place, is an ondular motion, where everything is connected and coupled to everything else. And so, trying to hold it up or somehow withdraw it from circulation, no matter is it towards yourself or towards the others, could cause us falling out of this constantly moving flow of the Truth, turning us to be left out of the wellness and benefits, left alone on the shoulder – so, our life balance will be inevitably hurt under these circumstances.

On the other end, using the same ondular motion exerted the right way, we would be able to very successfully cure and “repair” all our errors and deviations, “re-exciting” the damaged context and giving it a new boost. And note that I speak of errors and deviations, not of sins and crimes against the cosmic law. Of course, we’ll master these skills of the new existential culture little by little. The main idea is – start from your pure heart and do not lie to yourself, and the rest will be there for sure.

I look at you like at my looking-glass

Do you have a Teacher? And how one could become your pupil?
Yes, I do have a Teacher. But talking about Him will unlikely blend into this particular interview. What’s to the other question – I would answer as follows: the main criteria is – a person should not look at me like at some kind of specific character they must follow step by step, they should look at themselves – through me, using me as a mirror.
This thought is very well conveyed by Gary Jules in his song «Mad world»:

“Hello teacher, tell me what’s my lesson?
Look right through me, Look right through me”.

Are you succeeding constantly in forming up and harmonizing everything according to your understanding of it in your own life? And are you always successful in helping other people?
Well, I master the skills of New culture of Being in the modes and rhythms that depend on Global wave of transformation, whom I did devote myself to with all my locks, stock and barrels. In this unity I was blessed with my specific curve of happiness, as if I had won the “lottery’s highest prize ever ”, and, well, with this fabulous state that was so remarkably nicely conveyed by Vladimir Vysotsky in his “Ballad of Love”:

“I will spread the fields for those in love,

So that they’ll sing while dreaming and awake,

I do breath – that’s why I do Love,

I do Love – that’s why I’m Alive!”

As before, I am still able to help other people just indirectly, because, after all, it all depends on people themselves. Person always is the master of their own destiny, only they themselves can manage their being the right way, to make the ends of their own life meet.

Well, as for me, I am destined to break away into vanguard, to “run before the train”. And then, basing on all this running of mine, hang the “railings”, and create precedents that make other pioneers’ of New reality motions and doings much easier.

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