Welcome to our new home – a portal, like Aphrodite, born from the foam and splashes of the global transformational wave.

Some of us are already on close terms with the global transformational wave and many others do not yet know about it.

I decided that the right way to introduce this web-site would be to start from the very beginning, to concentrate not on the existing members of my my old web-site, whom I consider to be my friends and associates all these years and who are already familiar with the subject material, but on newcomers and those who just started to discover that the planet Earth is in full swing of the Second Coming, that the previous earthly “stunted” way of life is increasingly withdrawing and that it is being replaced with a mode of life which is much more balanced and harmonious.

Before I start the narration about the global transformational wave and those incredible metamorphosises which started to spread in geometric series via all the energy conducting vessels and veins of our planet, I would like to introduce myself briefly.

Irinushka is my spiritual nickname which emerged as a derivative from my birth name – Irina.

I was born in Moscow. Up to the age of thirty my life was pretty normal. I graduated from the History Faculty of the Moscow Humanitarian University, got my Ph.D, worked for few years as a research officer and interpreter. During the years of “perestroyka” I moved to Italy and my life began to flow along a new course, new “riverbeds”. I encountered many new bends and curves in the “riverbeds” of life.

Some of these “riverbeds”, twists and turns were quite ordinary (new job, new hobbies etc) however some of them were not …

I will tell you at once that before the all consuming miracle revealed itself to me, I had no interest in such things as metaphysics and the higher realms. It was not that I did not believe in their existence, it is more likely that I did not feel a need to include them intentionally into the process of managing my own existence. However being led by a chain of coalescing “occurrences and coincidences”, one beautiful day I simply “awoke”. During this awakening, I learned that I posses a gift to perceive and focus the information which is arriving from these higher realms.

When I am talking about the higher realms, by no means do I propose that this is about some astral sphere which is swarming with the “wrong type of bees producing the wrong type of honey”; a grotesque and sometimes frightening reflection of our own limitations, of our avoidance of ourselves and our mindless readiness to let ourselves be pushed around by the various proponents and suppliers of “second hand truths”.

My conversational partners from the higher realms with whom as fate has willed I established a connection can be designated as a Source with a capital “S”. One can call it an extraction of purity and force of intelligence or vibratory space with an incredibly high level of integrity and coherence.

Each separate “thing in itself” brought there for the purpose of being commented on, turns out to be connected with the whole combined Universe. It reconstructs and completes, calculating itself and enriches until it achieves its ultimate form of perfection or excellence. It talks about itself in categories of universal causality and it turns into a thinking and energy conducting part of the Whole.

Also, in some way it receives a “blessing” as well as being softly-tactfully stimulated for further development towards the true nature of itself. It is set on course to work on the correction of its separate “imperfections and faults” in order for it to take its legitimate place in the global scheme of things.

In this vibratory space everything is primordially coordinated with each other and calls out to one another. Here you can get an answer for any question, but “the melody of the universal truth” is always unique to each question and, even if the question is the same, the answer may be different as it depends on the conditions and occurrences of the “here and now”.

Always found close at hand is just what is necessary at that very moment and at the same time there is nothing needless, superfluous or vacant.

The Truth is not set in stone, spoken solemnly once and for all, but alive, hot and continually redirecting and renewing itself from the stream of life. It is an integral spiritual dimension and conglomerate which is composed of a vast number of sounds, chords and melodies, which by its own intuition and understanding, lines up for us at such a frequency as to be best understood. It is set out in such a way as to be consonant and to reach the maximum efficiency to resound in our minds and hearts in order to involve us personally and directly into the process of spiritual-energetic creativity.

The Real Truth does not have a use-by date but it has a great number of ways in which it reveals itself. In each separate moment it streams, curves, overflows and aims to come into contact with us by different ways and forms because in each separate moment the world is changing and its structure is constantly altered as well as its “rate of breathing” and the continuous circle of life.

The correlation between revealed and potentially becoming apparent, between what already exists and what can be, changes continuously.

My communication with the higher realms, right from the first day of the contact, fundamentally differed from the classic esoteric techniques, channelling or automatic letter writing etc. Most of all this communication reminded me of the attendance of the “primary (and then secondary) school” where in a good and respectful manner were taught different educational disciplines, promoting of the formation of the skills of the “correct mannerism of being”.

The road, which had opened before me, was completely new and unexplored. I have gone down this road not having any notion about where it would have led and will lead me, but feeling with each cell of my being that it is my road to follow, that irrespective of what the future brings, movement along this road is movement in a direction toward the Serene Glade of my life.

Those fragments of truth by which this route had been paved for me, I was submitting little by little to the Russian-speaking web-site created by me and also to the forum that existed there (not available anymore). Many important and interesting themes were discussed on this forum over the last few years. Through communication on the forum we gradually started to develop our true nature and character though, at times this process was often a case of «one step forward, two steps back».

“Tabula rasa” was our guiding principal. That is a refusal to use officially existing philosophical concepts and categories (both rational and metaphysical) for glimpsing and understanding the New.

By definition it is impossible to condense without distortions an immense volume of knowledge into a far more limited volume such as the human mind which we currently have at our disposal.

Imagine that you will be trying to catch multivolumetric waves of clear Truth, power and greatness of Reason, a rainbow of iridescent colours, with an underdeveloped and nonflexible mental fishing net of “local archaic design”, woven at the light of a faded lantern, and in addition worn out and patched up.

The only possible way to get to know these wonders which the ocean of the global energy transmission is ready to share with us, is to open towards them completely and unconditionally. To allow them to enter and flow into our existence, into the veins of our thoughts and feelings, on the basis of criteria selected by themselves, instead of on the basis of some shamelessly imposed rules and orders.

Well then, how long will you dwell in this trap, insisting that the “New” is obliged – there and then – to package itself into the familiar and comfortable and to abide with our habitual algorithms of life?

Otherwise we shall simply refuse its right to existence? We carry on categorizing ourselves obediently in the order which was prepared by our human mind in advance. Our mind has prepared and carefully numbered this order so that, God forbid, there would be no confusion or mishmash, so that the control would not be lost.

But actually it is an illusion of control: it is the “control” over our small-calibre and pseudo-steady life’s journey (from birth to death) in an environment of numerous rules and general denominators with which we like to place and surround around ourselves!

Instead of «showing off as a centre of the universe» in our limitation and unconsciousness, demanding that “New” would speak with us in a language of our archaically limited “local” database”, it is necessary to allow it to express itself in its own natural language of the Whole, which actually is not language at all but more likely a dimensional wave.

Language of the “Whole” is a language – a portal; it is focused on transforming the use of our invaluable basic human attribute – “the gift of speech” – into a mode of “fluidity”, “stereophonism”, flexibility.

This language of the Whole is saturated with metaphors and allegorical meanings, transparent exchanges and resonance. It is satiated with an opportunity of “simultaneously to be both this and that”, creates a link between concepts and categories which are familiar to us. These links are capable of containing within themselves high-frequency vibrating tunes and inflorescences of the extraterrestrial spectrum.

This language, which is not tolerating rigid semantic patterns, clichés and the need of constantly verify itself and the uttered word against some constant original table of the earthly human condition, against a table that pretends to know what is right and what is wrong, what can and what cannot be given within our perception of the reality.

This language is using not so much terms rather it uses images and their ability to create the “wave” and make it flow.

It is a language of “spiritual-energy Karaoke” which on input catches melodies and rhythms of the “Whole”, and on the output forms them into a format of earthly verbal acoustics, earthly melodies which sound in unison with the original, fragments of the “New” and charges of spirituality from the higher realms reaching us in the form of a Word decoded in a personalized way.

Long-term “training” in the school of the higher realms promoted in me the formation of these essentially new skills of “talk and comprehension” together with the gradual transformation of the web-site and the forum into some kind of ” virtual warehouse” which contains in itself heaps of every possible “pre-“: pre-knowledge, pre-sensing, pre-comprehension, pre-eventness, pre-stability and pre-adjustments.

As it became clear to me only later on, the web-site and the communication circle which has developed around it have turned out to be a «tuning prologue and ouverture» of those magic melodies which start to sound in an earthly broadcast right now, of that culture of life which is totally new to us and which transforms us from the «under-manifested person» into the «rainbow person», in «Homo cromaticus», into carriers and interpreters of the wave nature of things, into the people capable to operate resonances, into the people capable to walk in unison with their own scale of causality.

Though the coming of a new reality on our planet is not highlighted by the mass media, nevertheless it is not a “top secret” event. It is possible to find a huge quantity of publications connected with the tracking of one or another aspect of this process on the Internet. Channelling and energy forecasts, activities of “workers of Light”, esoteric seminars and collective meditations, Indigo children and “Shamen of the New era”… can hardly list it all.

More and more people subscribe to track and personally support the occurring events, though not pursuing it as far as I have. I say this without false modesty, but also without exaltation, as a pure matter of fact, because I am involved in a very direct way…

Colours in the water

On the 31st of December, 2007, right on New Year’s Eve, I had put up the formal notice that my old web-site and forum completed their task. The site served the purpose of helping to track the process of digression and percolation of a new reality on the earthly physical plane over a period of several years and now it has been left as a “museum of a transitive epoch”. The baton has now been passed to a new teaching developing dimension.

The time has passed when it was possible with bated breath to watch the launching of the preparatory-tuning operations in the transcendental height and the gradual descent of the new reality into our physical plane, a movement “Up the down staircase” and what a great many steps that staircase had!

After the long-term and lengthy waiting the “Beautiful far” at last has come directly onto the physical plane to be with us in our dense earthly environment. Increasingly it starts attracting our attention. It pulls, warms up and bothers our “underdeveloped system of perception” to stimulate us this way and that: “Here I am, hear me! Examine me! Allow me to make you happy! ”

There is no need whatsoever to lift our heads upwards in the hope that the heavens will show to us our guiding thread, because this clue now is at our feet. In order to gain it we should “only” learn how to be ourselves, to claim and involve our great and inalienable privilege which at the same time is also our duty – freedom of individual “thinking-feeling”.

Thanks to this magic tool, we can find the truth, the truth which we all are “in an irredeemable debt” to and which, as a beloved person, is its own for everyone. All attempts to come to “one truth for all”, to the truth as to a constant, is only an infinite, boundless violence over our own nature.

From Yury Vizbor’s song “I am in debt to you”:

“It is snowing heavily over the camp,
The tents are bent into an arch.
I am in debt to you,
As deep as the white snow.
I turn over the pages of my memory
Flopped down in the bed.

I depart to Moscow,
To pay off my debt.
To pay off my debt.
To pay off my debt.

Where have you been?
There is no end to these days,
Why did you not write?
So I would know that you live
And the Moscow bus,
So common in looks,
It would round the globe
From trouble to love.

Pretending to your name
And your rights,
All other names and words
Were coming to me
Sometimes I blew the hunting horn,
Sometimes I was fouling the trail,
Sometimes a fog above a bog
I was taking for gardens… “

Our purpose in coming here was to “pay off the debt” to the Truth, though the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants on our planet do not know about it yet.

But they will find out about it rather soon…

The “New Reality” which for a long time had “a semi-legal status” (a condition which I, as informal chronicler of the happening, has been compelled to share over the last five years), more distinctly starts to fill up the earthly table of measures and weights, starts to declare itself as the factor which should be taken into account by everyone and everything, the factor which cannot be ignored.

Distribution of the “New Reality” on our planet can be described as an installation of a new “operational system of being”. Much more complete, compact, powerful and developed, much more “user friendly” than the existing OS.

This new operational system of being will allow us to claim our spiritual potential, our deep spiritual energetic nature, our “valence of cosmic status” and settle on the physical plane.

Will allow us to “cash in” and “ground” our spiritual profile through earthly structures, oculars and events. It will allow our spiritual units, our divine “spirit” to show up through “experience” and through practical doing.

Actually, not just show up but additionally get stronger, become enriched and replenish its specific wave nature with new quanta and new events and form our unique personalized pattern of being inside the transforming earthly landscape.

In this process of self-straightening into our true character we are stimulated and helped by very powerful, friendly and radiant forces. However this help is not always “tender and delicate” because it is provided for us with the purpose to waken us to the action and to surround foreshortening of events with our specific wave nature of energy conductivity. This help is not for the purpose of providing us with average, causeless and groundless appearance of action in a “heavenly paradise” kind of way.

With every day we are let know that the former game rules are being withdrawn increasingly from circulation, that our former skills of existence in the world, based on the use of externally-superficial and fabricated shells, gags and “protective antibodies”, on nailing up, zombiing and self-zombiing of our true independence and our true gift of speech, “have died”.

This has left us to live in a different mode, inside our individual high-frequency corridors of earthly manifestation in which we are not “replicas” and “averagenesses” but unique and legitimate accomplices of the occurring global transformational processes on the Earth.

These processes are connected with “sublimation” and a heightening of the existing earthly states and movements up to their true high-grade and not truncated shape, up to their exclusively complete and regulated wave nature.

The time has come for us to refuse to use what was “for us but not ours” and to allow to come out “ours”, our internal music which is already incorporated, already shown (under a corresponding angle of inclination) in the nature of our thoughts and senses.

In the book of Selma Lagerlöf “The Wonderful Adventures of Nils Holgerssons” which I knew almost by heart in childhood, there is the following scene:

You are visible from far!
Hurrah Lapland,
The goose country!

Nils sang at the top of his voice, swinging from side to side and dangling his feet”.

From my point of view, this “Lapla-Lapla-Lapland” is a very exact, prompting help regarding the present state of things.

We are rocked (using thus both man-made rocking and not man-made rocking) at one moment in the short-cut truncated wave of “Lapla” (with relevant sensations of limitation, unnaturalness and under-development) and then – at one dash – “Lapla” becomes “Lapland”, absorbs additional shreds of our deep feeling of ourselves and additional frequency curvatures of our wave nature. In this way, our existence becomes complete and fully manifested, suffused with the sense accordant to our specific Nature of Reason and sated by our specific units of action and eventness.

Transition from “Lapla” to “Lapland” is made in the context of the process of installation and testing of the new operational system, with the activation of its corresponding operating modes by its “back-staged bearers and managers “.

Thanks to these global back-staged motions, particles and elements of the “wave nature” which we are missing are placed very close to individual users. One can say that they are placed at the distance of the extended hand of “thinking-feeling” but nevertheless embedding of yourself in this integral and not truncated frequency spectrum is individual users’ doing. That is because nobody cancelled freedom of individual choice.

The question whether to live in a state of truncated under-development or in a state of full manifestation everyone solves for himself.

“Who wants to live, who is jolly, who is not a plant louse,-
Prepare your arms for a hand-to-hand fight!
And rats should leave the ship,
They are in the way of the reckless fight “.

The “hand-to-hand” fight is not in the sense of a fight with enemies but in the sense of locking and merging with the vibrational acoustic ranks of a higher order. In a sense of self-recognition of the true nature of ourselves.

This global transformation of our “modus vivendi” and “modus operandi” is naturally accompanied with intensive training and self-training according to our personalized schedules and “self-reinstallation” under the aegis of the new operational system.

The new portal which replaced the old web-site and forum has sprung up as the closest “non-restricted and public adjusting-teaching-communicating territory” to the “Head office of the Second coming”. It is a rather specific virtual space for individual and collective “sublimation” with officially transparent walls which accordingly allow us to observe its work. Anyone to whom these observations are internally conformable and who feels a need to line himself up with it can participate.

Our portal and “Head office of the Second coming” are connected to each other by means of communicant vessels; and this configuration is simultaneously both a privilege and a responsibility.

We can make the short step to taking hold of some wisdom of the new earthly being. Then on a global “command post”, this short step will be registered, amplified and duplicated.
Afterwards it will become a part of “one giant leap for mankind “; whereas our local failures and defects will be highlighted on the central monitor as “a universal glitch and a bug” resulting in the insertion of relevant corrections in global tunings and orders.

If to try to describe the essence of the portal in one word then this, undoubtedly, will be the word “swinging” like that of a pendulum.

The portal breathes, hears, writes and behaves in such a way so that it is swinging in unison with earthly Crystal Lattices in order to catch, pass through itself, diagnose and test (with its own working veins and venules) global shifts, displacements and features of the global wave.

Very powerful “backstage forces” which have been involved in the creation of this portal have supplied all the necessary “energy-informative” working tools and tunings which we will require as “verifiers and debuggers of the new operational system”.

This self-warming and self-adjusting virtual space is partly “a person” and partly the “reverse side and internal layer” of a “multivolumetric global developer”. It is also a mirror and a gait of our individual and collective ascension from the initial state of underdevelopness and deprivation to a state of finding our own legitimate domain (of causality, participation, almightiness and all-comprehensiveness), to a magically self-sufficient condition “I am”.

Some time ago unexpectedly the following incorrect phrase slipped off my tongue: “I happen” and, if to ponder over this slip of the tongue, it can be entirely used as a hint and as a key for understanding the new rules of the game.

I am happening, you are happening, he/she is happening…

There is no need any more to accept passively what is allocated to us by the outside world, now we can choose, we can decide ourselves what exactly and on what basis it will be happening to us.

External events will be a reflection and confirmation of our internal character. Before, this phrase was just a beautiful metaphor in many ways, but now it has become an indispensable tool of our “advanced and widely spread earthen reality”.

Now we can create our own reality leaning on the innermost desire which ascends to the primary source and on the force of the liberated and freely spread idea, on the magic of the Word, on the wealth of the iridescent spectrum coded inside us and on the true state of ourselves.

Flaring up and self-igniting through our “thermo-gene”, generating resonances which are friendly to our spiritual nature, showing and confirming itself in external events, recalculating ourselves and our orbits of movement from waves and frequencies bearing Crystal lattices, transforming our existence in the magical sequence of a “pas de deux” with the “Being”.

We are happening…

Also we form a harmonious union with each other. “People of the new world” who are liberated and full of confidence in themselves and to the Whole, each in their true character and involved in the most conformable for their own creativity, in accordance with their iridescent spectrum and specific scale of events.

Where everyone’s main “life and business interest” is to be himself effectively and to the fullest, to put himself at the forefront in order to be happy and blessed with goodness, to engage his specific and unique sides and “quanta” of energy-transmittability, to reclaim and cash his inalienable first-born spiritual-energy capital, thereby naturally becoming a shareholder and an accomplice of a constructing site of global restructuring.

Let the earthy and celestial forces which perform this grandiose, unprecedented open heart planetary surgery without anaesthetic, be patient and favourable to us!



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